UltraWide vs. Dual Monitors – Which Should You Choose?

Two widescreen traditional 4k monitors would get you a higher pixel density, perfect for the functions like single-screen gaming and photo editing. At the same time, ultrawide monitors would stretch an HD resolution wide across the 34-inch display. 

Maximizing desktop is such a thing these days; not just this enhances the space you require, but you get to enjoy a giant screen to enjoy every detail of the picture. Apart from being beneficial, a big screen always gives a pleasant view. 

UltraWide vs. Dual Monitors

Regarding increasing the screen space, we have two options: dual monitors (could be more per your wish) or ultrawide monitors. Both have their favors to provide as well as drawbacks to deal with when using. 

Let’s get to know them a little more in detail—the basics of ultrawide monitors and dual monitors. However, the choice depends entirely on your needs and preferences. 

Ultrawide monitors are often referred to as a blessing in disguise. This is because they have big screens that make them more prominent and noticeable. In addition, their sharp screen helps them declare their substantial presence in the room. 

However, what makes them more interesting is the fact that they offer a mesmerizingly flawless viewing experience. Doubtlessly, causing you to fall in love with your view. Due to their enhanced screen display, ultrawide monitors have become the highlight of display technology. 

16:9 ratios have been so mainstream for years now thus switching to a new screen size of 21:9 or even a larger of 32:9; that, too, without any breakthrough, just a neat big screen, would be magical as ultrawide helps you to avoid bezels between monitors. Moreover, having one screen would permanently save you from the hassle of too many cable wires. As if you are dealing with the dual monitor setup, you have to deal with many cable wires for the structure, as each monitor has its connector.  Ultrawide monitor, again, is preferred for the best view of games and videos as it won’t have any bezels in the space between them. The resolution of an ultrawide monitor provides you with a tremendous competitive advantage in gaming and an increase in productivity.

Meanwhile, dual monitors are your best choice if you wish to have a more flexible or relaxed setting. The dual monitors, or more by your choice, have a separation between them; if apparently, you are okay with the physical partitions between your displays or workspace, dual monitors are your choice! 

If you can deal with the web of wires and it does not bother you much, you can again have an option of dual monitors. Dual monitors are also preferred when you are more into fast-paced competitive gameplay. Dual monitors are said to be more proficient in providing more screen real estate, but simultaneously you need to bear the gap between the monitors.

Perks Of Each Choice

Let’s see how each choice benefits using their capacities and then examine the drawbacks they could have. 

Benefits Of Dual Monitors

Benefits Of Dual Monitors

High-End Resolution 

Dual monitors are considered to be the best return for your money. If you want to have the brightest and sharpest look-over experience, dual monitors are the best choice beyond any doubt. On the other hand, the ultrawide display would stretch the HD resolution according to its screen size, like a 34-Inch display, making the screen look a little expanded. Therefore, dual monitors are considered the best fit if you like single-screen gaming or photo editing. Not to let go of the fact that a single ultrawide screen would roughly cost you the same as two ultra-HD display monitors. So ultimately, you will be paying more for an extended resolution screen.

A lot More Space

Having a setup of dual monitors would let you enjoy every bit of your activity in a more real-estate manner. If you are a person that enjoys watching movies or films simultaneously, or you need a time-killing action while being on a video call or something. Dual monitors are your thing, as watching a movie on the same screen by splitting it wouldn’t give you the right feels. Instead, you can work on one monitor and enjoy your fun captivity on another with full resolution. You can enjoy as many different apps or windows as you want individually on each screen. 

Mix And Match

The best advantage of the dual monitor setup is that you can match up displays according to your needs and preferences. In addition, there is no limit on sizes or anything; if you want a 4k show for your gaming or a slightly little one for your twitch chat or the same size together, either way, you have the complete authority to make your screen as per your wish. 

Not just that, you can position your monitors vertically or in a horizontal orientation if you watch to match a horizontal display with a vertical one for writing, chatting, coding, or simply checking up on your inbox. You have all the freedom to. Thankfully the wall mounts and monitor arms available would create a fantastic setup of your choices with the angles of your wish.

Benefits Of Ultrawide Displays

Space Saving

The perks of going for ultrawide displays are it saves a lot of your space and gives you a neat look, as these displays are extended from 34 inches to a maximum of 49 inches. Having one screen of this size will save you all the hassle and space that dual monitors would utilize. Moreover, the web of cable wires would also be omitted with one single display. If you are a gamer, you need a spacious place to place your gadgets. This ultrawide is an excellent option for you. Along with that, who on earth wants a messy setup?


Ultrawide displays are best known for their multitasking. However, the work gets way more manageable if you split the work on the same screen rather than switching screens. Everyone is constantly juggling a couple of things at a single time, like writing a story with a presentation going on or taking notes in an online lecture or sending messages in a video call, and so on. These could be easier on an ultrawide screen as everything is directly visible. Multitasking is easier on dual monitors, too, but an ultrawide display gives more pleasure in multitasking as everything is on the same screen.

You can enjoy these on the same size, two identical displays side by side, but the crosshair, partition, the borderline between them would ruin the fun between them. However, you enjoy the same consistency over the whole screen; the same contrast, colors, and brightness. In comparison, even the most matching dual monitors would have the slightest difference in colors or contrast; if not, the brightness would differ.

Amazing Gaming Experience

Using ultrawide monitors for work has been mainstream; however, playing games dramatically benefits us. For example, if you are playing a game of war; on a battlefield, you get a prominent view of a whole field, making it easier to track teammates or enemies. Whereas, in the dual monitor set, the partition might hide the idea of the entire game at a crucial time. Any other game that requires you to figure out or find out things would be even easier as you will get a comprehensive view of it. 

Gaming on a dual monitor is only acceptable if you do the gaming on one or web surfing on the other. However, an ultrawide monitor would provide the best gaming experience on the same screen without gaps and bezels between them. So, it is an easier or cost-saving option than dual monitors. 

A few of the fantastic examples of ultrawide displays that might be considered for buying would be Samsung’s Odyssey G9, LG’s 40WP95C-W.

Major Drawbacks Of Both 

Coming to the downsizes of both choices, consider the option of dual monitors first.

Dual monitors undoubtedly present us with the best resolution. Still, no matter what, even the slightest gap would result in a big partition throughout your display, and not just that, the dual monitors would have a web of cables with them. Even if you tie them up, they will still occupy the space leaving you with lesser room for work. Further, if you plan on adding gadgets, you do require more space.

In contrast, if we look at the ultrawide option, the ultrawide would give you a quick view, but not to forget the double cost you would be paying for this view. A good idea and an extended screen resolution would cost you double the price. Ultrawide display also affects your eye’s vision; specifically, they have introduced a curved display for it. A curved shape gives you a fantastic and even view from every point you look.

However, if you have to decide on a single option, which is the best? You need an answer to it. Everything again depends on your needs and preferences; some people prefer quality images rather than size, and some might go with the size, a massive screen over the resolution. The poll has also been conducted over its informational Twitter, loaded with various replies, a few for dual monitors and others for ultrawide displays.