Samsung U28H750/UH750 Review : 4K TN QLED FreeSync Gaming Monitor

Finding a good monitor for yourself can be a difficult venture, especially at this time when there is a pile of options you have to choose from. These monitors come in all sizes and shapes with an array of variable features in each. In amidst of all this, you’ll also have to consider your budget and quality.

Samsung U28H750 Review

If you are facing problems in the selection of a good monitor, luckily you don’t need to look further. We have reviewed one of the best monitors available in the market that will cater to all your requirements and comes at a reasonable price point.

The Samsung U28H750 monitor is the perfect choice for you if you wish for amazing display quality and a sleek design to complement your stylish desk. You can check out the Samsung UH750 monitor here.

Let’s get started with the Samsung UH750 review for further details.

Our Rating: 4.0/5
Samsung U28H750/UH750 Review

Samsung U28H750/UH750 Review


  • Resolution: 3840×2160
  • Panel Type: TN
  • Response Time: 1ms
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz

The Samsung U28H750 is a smart and high-quality monitor that has multiple specialized features that make it a desirable gaming monitor. Even though it is a TN panel display device, Samsung has added many of its patented features to this monitor to deliver an image quality far more superior to other TN panel devices. Its rapid response time and refresh rate are also the major factors why it is widely liked by gamers.


The Samsung U28H750 monitor is considered the best gaming monitor to date. Embedded with some of the greatest graphics you can find on a monitor, you will surely love this piece of technology if you are a sucker for gaming. Most of the monitors that come with gaming PCs are not up to the quality standards when it comes to graphics in that case you might want to consider buying yourself a decent monitor with good graphics such as the Samsung U28H750.

The Samsung U28H750 monitor is a 28 inch specialized, 4K QLED gaming monitor with TN panel and a special Quantum Dots technology that produces exceptional display and color output. This monitor offers a large view screen at an affordable price compared to other QLED models. Let us look at some of the features of the device that will allow you to make a sound decision.

Image Quality

The TN panels in the Samsung U28H750 monitor have an impressive response time at an astonishing speed of 1ms such a speed is optimal to eliminate any blurring or trailing seen with fast-moving graphics making it the top choice for fast-paced games.

Speaking of the high response rates, the 1ms speed has its setbacks, thus the Samsung U28H750 has narrow viewing angles at a mere 160 degrees. That means that this monitor will display variations in colors and brightness when you view the screen from different angles.

The Samsung UH750 is installed with the latest 125 percent sRGB to produce vibrant and life-like colors that also display jaw-dropping saturation in colors. Its color depth technology allows this particular monitor to display and differentiate an astonishing 1 billion colors. This number seems huge in comparison to the typical 6 million color capacity in conventional monitors.

This monitor offers an average quality when it comes to brightness. With its 300 nit brightness and a 1000:1 contrast ratio which is regularly seen in monitors of similar characteristics. The gaming monitor offers its users a faster response rate than other competitor monitors with a similar price range. But it struggles to compete with the IPS and VA monitors when it comes to image quality.

If we look at the resolution of this monitor, the Samsung U28H750 comes with an Ultra 4K High Definition resolution and an impressive pixel density at 158 PPI. Its sleek design and 28-inch screen also give its users a huge screen space.

Even though this monitor comes with a high contrast ratio and resolution, some errors were reported in its display output which needed corrections. For example, the color representation of this monitor seemed to be somewhat over-saturated and needed correction. But it could be well-liked by users who like to see vibrancy in colors.


Speaking of its performance, this monitor offers an amazing input lag. It has a surprising 10ms delay in input which makes it the perfect gaming monitor. This particular monitor is an AMD freesync monitor that will keep blurring and screen tearing to a minimum, making it the perfect add-on with Xbox or PlayStation.

This monitor also allows for some degree of G-sync compatibility but it tends to flicker with high-quality graphics. The freesync option is available at both HDMI and Display ports. This adds to the versatility of the monitor and makes it compatible with many gaming consoles. The monitor offers a Freesync range between 40-60 Hz.

The device tends to display some blurring with ultra-fast movements but overall performance is beyond satisfactory for most of its users.


Coming to its features, the Samsung UH750 is laden with them. With its black equalizing feature, this monitor will magically add brightness to the overshadowed or extra dark regions in video games, giving you exceptional visualization.

The picture-in-picture mode will give you a boost in your work performance by allowing you to display a second screen on the display with sizes to 25 percent of the total screen. This feature will save you the cost and space of a second monitor screen.

Another attribute that makes this monitor superior to others is the picture-by-picture technology that allows you to display output from two different inputs at the same time, side by side. That too without compromising on the display quality.

The eye saver mode when activated will transition the display into a low-blue-light overlay that helps to relieve your eyes from excessive stress

Another well-appreciated quality of this monitor is its patent magic angle technology that allows you to adjust the quality of the display to give you the best results at your specific viewing angle.

Along with these come the basic aspects that you would expect to see in a good monitor, such as brightness and contrast adjustment, sharpness adjustments, color settings, and gamma preview stings.  The smart illuminating technology of this Samsung monitor will allow for displays that are free from flickers. That means that using this screen for a long period won’t cause you any headaches.

Design & Connectivity

Samsung UH750 reviewSamsung UH750 review

This Samsung monitor comes with a basic, tilt stand that you can mount on any tabletop. The VESA mount stand allows for the convenient and ergonomic mounting of the monitor. Coming to the connectivity of this monitor, this device has inbuilt ports for display port, HDMI 1.4 along with HDMI 2.0, and lastly a jack for connecting headphones.

The monitor is an elegant matte black color with aesthetic thin bezels on all its sides. The stand is made of high-quality metal which will ensure durability, stability, and prompt resistance to wobbling.

The posterior of the monitor is embedded with a joystick that will allow you to easily navigate through the settings menu to adjust the color, contrast, and many other settings the monitor has to offer. The On-Screen display menu is made user-friendly for easy access.

The screen is also glazed with an anti-glare coating that will minimize and eliminate any reflections that can potentially ruin your experience.

  • AMD free sync
  • Rapid response rate
  • Low lag time
  • Exceptional color output
  • Stand is basic
  • Costly

Final Verdict

All in all this whole package Samsung has to offer in the form of a monitor can be a good deal for you. Since the company has added many of its flagships and patented features to this display device, you won’t find anything like this in the market.

However, there are some things you might want to keep in mind when you plan on buying this device. First off the image quality offered in the Samsung U28H750 though better than its competitors, could have been made better. The color representation on this monitor is not to be considered accurate and is somewhat over-saturated but on the brighter side, this saturation will give the display a nice pop of color that many media can utilize for their benefit.

Also worth considering is the fact that there are many IPS display devices available in the market that propose a better quality with their more advanced displays that too with the same rapid response rate. These devices come with several features such as superior display quality, wide viewing angles, and other distinct attributes.

When you plan on buying yourself a new monitor make sure you go through all these qualities and match them to your requirements. That way you will surely be able to get yourself the best gaming monitor that fits your needs.