Samsung U28E590D Review – 4k UHD FreeSync Monitor

When you are searching for a monitor there is the number of options out there in the market. But which is the one that would be considered as the best one for your requirements. In the following article, we are going to review Samsung U28E590D and will let you know if this device is suitable as a perfect one or not.

Samsung U28E590D Review

For certain people, those who are unfamiliar with the features of a monitor, we will discuss every necessary aspect of it in the following. We have done the entire research on the characteristics of it for your ease so you would know the complete details of if it is a qualified monitor or not.

Firstly, a suitable monitor should be highly convenient with relevant and eligible features. It must be extremely comfortable and very simple to use. As we are all aware that comfort and an easy system varies the most when you are doing something on the device. 

Some basic features that a quality monitor must have are the screen size, its display quality, and system of the resolution. Other than these every aspect of it should be completely valuable and of quality as no compromise should be made on the monitor classifications.

The other main features are the power supply systems with the screen refresh rate and its built-in quality. We will discuss them as well in the following. We will let you know about every aspect whether it is internal or external. This will help you to make a better decision than if this product is worth it to purchase or it is one of the normal ones.

To find out the worth of this product let’s get into the Samsung U28E590D review.

Our Rating: 3.5/5
Samsung U28E590 Review
  • Resolution: 3840×2160
  • Panel Type: TN
  • Response Time: 1ms
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz


Initially, let us tell you guys what are the main features a monitor should have and how this product works. 

So the sizes of the screen with its power supply and quality of resolution are the most essentials, if the product has these characteristics then it would be considered as an efficient for your condition. The FreeSync technology with refresh rates are other basics. 

Screen Size & Quality

This monitor has a screen size of 28 inches which is quite big and gives a huge display. When the inches are maximum the experience becomes more pleasant and enjoyable because the comfort zone matters the most and the big screen with quality display maximizes your convenience. 

This monitor weighs around 11.6 pounds this is normal when it comes to the monitor it is not that heavy. The dimensions of this product are in the order of L x W x H is 26 x 7 x 18 inches. The item is broad and wide for a better visual experience.

The image quality is remarkable with extraordinary results. It has an Ultra HD display feature. The PC views are incredible as well. You would get an exceptional experience while gaming and watching the series because it gives a realistic experience to make it feel more natural due to UHD in it. It also provides a feature to experience fir and explosions in it, in an incredible way.

Display Technology

This monitor has the TN LCD technology that is used to display the picture. It is a liquid-crystal display to enhance the image quality. It is a plane panel exhibitor or you may say it is an electronic modulated feature. In this, it does not use reflector or black light, the liquid crystals do not discharge the light, right away. 

It is an extremely effective feature to produce better picture quality; it is used as a panel inside the monitor to intensify the light in the device.


Samsung U28E590D

It has a very unique and sleek design, with exceptional details on its corners. It is much more than an ordinary one. It is very thoughtfully designed to maintain the focus for a remarkable experience. It also comes with a T-shaped stand that is matching to it.


The display resolution of this product is 4K UHD 2160p. In pixels, it is 3840 x 2160. The resolution of a device is the display potential. The more resolution a product has the more efficient quality it will provide. The pixel strength ensures a better class. The image becomes sharp-edged while displaying the minor details most finely on the screen.  

The excessive resolution permits the screen to show the best results with extraordinary views. This monitor, it provides efficient details by the 4 times which makes it look more life-like. It comes with the pitch that is 0.006 horizontally and the same 0.006 vertically. The minimal brightness it provides is 310 CD per m2.

UHD Picture Quality

This monitor comes with the effect of UHD (ultra-high-definition) which is highly realistic and very much in demand globally. It provides PC consideration, with multiple gaming options, and much more. Its resolution is 4 times greater than the standard HD feature. 

Through this classification, the device carries out the incredible display that utilizes a stumble of 8 million pixels for exceptional realism in it. This feature makes you realize that you are also somewhere inside the monitor and experiencing something real.

It has wide connectivity convenience that it can attach with numerous Ultra HD devices, like PCs, multiple games, etc. At the back of the monitor, it has a display port input and 2 HDMI insertions also. The version of HDMI is the upgraded one to 2.0 versions. This is more efficient and also provides a support system to UHD level resolutions.

The refresh rate it provides is 60Hz, through which the 4-time resolution screenplays efficiently and clearly without any interruption. The refresh rate in the monitor is the screen activation system which continuously plays at the back windows so that the multiple screens remain active on a monitor.

Freesync Technology & Refresh rate

What is AMD freesync?

The monitor comes with the feature of AMD Freesync technology. It is an adaptive sync technology for crystal-like comprehensible exhibits which maintains the refresh rate for top-class response time on the screen of a monitor by keeping away from crashing of image quality. Also, it helps to minimize the burden while multiple and heavy games are being played in the windows. 

For complete day use or long-term work, it has the option to be used at the mode of flexibility as well to make your system and time of procedure highly efficient and comfortable. It is available with an adaptable and changeable press for multiple uses. The stand of it can be removed and replaced from one to another or at high points as well according to your preferences.

The response time of this monitor is 1ms this is extremely lightning fast which helps to reduce the insertion latency and radically minimizes the picture crashing in the course of gaming. This makes sure to enhance the beauty of the image with a pleasant mode. It increases the screen mode efficiently without any interruption in your running work. The fast the response time the better the experience would be.

Picture in Picture

It has the feature of (PIP) Picture in Picture technology, which is updated in it and the available version is 2.0. It comes with a convenient screen division system as it is upgraded. You can watch any movie or series and can do work at the same time in the window. The screen makes it to the Full HD, so you can watch it at the same high resolution, with advanced quality. The size of a screen is adjustable according to your preference.

Eye Comfort

It has eye saver mode as well as the monitor for comfortable light interaction. Well, this is optional while enabling it so it depends upon your choice.


Now, that you have read the complete article and have the entire details and information regarding this monitor Samsung U28E590D. It’s time to choose this if it is according to your preferences. Just go and check it from our reviews. So that you can buy it if it is righteous according to your requirement.