What Does 144hz Mean?

What does 144hz mean

Whenever it comes to monitor and display the refresh rate becomes the next obvious thing you come across with. Are you inquisitive about these numbers such as 144Hz, 240Hz, and the commonly seen 60Hz? If yes, this article is going to bring to light all the facts and insights without being verbose! Thousands of displays … Read more

Is Nvidia G-SYNC Worth It?

Is Nvidia G-SYNC Worth It

For most of the users, G-sync can be a mystery to opt for. Whether it is worthy or not is something that probably everyone would have pondered on. Many of the intensive gamers have claimed that G-sync technology is something that is a smart investment. Its robust performance implies that it is a luxury approach … Read more

Sceptre C275W-1920RN Review – Budget 1080p Curved Gaming Monitor

Sceptre C275W-1920RN Review

The scepter is a relatively lesser-known firm that is recently being in the limelight for its affordable and highly efficient electronic consumer goods. Scepter monitors are one of them that gives the buyer an enhanced sense of satisfaction due to the productivity and solid customer support beneath these products. The scepter monitors are highly reliable … Read more

What is AMD FreeSync? – The Complete Guide

What is AMD freesync?

AMD FreeSync is an adjustable and flexible technology in monitors and LCD display screens to keep up the smoothness of graphics. It was first introduced back in 2015 as a substitute of Nvidia G-Sync.  It broadly caters the finest display by tackling the screen tearing and more! Due to FreeSync, the crystal clear graphics now … Read more

What Is Samsung Motion Rate, Sony MotionFlow, and LG Trumotion?

What Is Samsung Motion Rate, Sony MotionFlow, and LG Trumotion?

The leading companies like Samsung, Sony and LG always offer the buyers some of the exceptional features in their displays. And probably, this is the reason why people are drooling over each of their new 4k additions with UHD quality and HD performance with much appreciation. However, when we see the terms like motion rate, … Read more

What Is GPU Scaling? – Can I Make It Adaptive?

What is GPU scaling?

Your monitor isn’t just a display that shows pictures and graphics, it is a lot more than that. With that said the features and options to make the view adaptive and ergonomic, you have the next-level experience, especially if you are a gamers or graphics designer. Besides, with the innovative and recent add up to … Read more

What Is a Quantum Dot Display? And Its Influence To Our Screens


In general, the quantum dot (QLED) used by the display screen is the display that features more colorations and vivid graphics. Basically, it is a nanocrystal that outputs the best coloration in every respect. More often than not, quantum dots are the minute size particles that will emit light as soon they come in contact … Read more