IGZO vs IPS – What is the Difference?


Every day, we hear of a new invention, especially in the tech field. Some of them catch our attention and some don’t. Besides, if you talk about the display screen and the powerful resolutions, they are ever so evolving. You might see something promising beyond 4K anytime soon! However, that is altogether a different debate. … Read more

Is An HDR Gaming Monitor Worth It?

Gaming has made a strong base in today’s era not only for players, but for developers as well. The robust well performing system is in-demand for a high-tech approach. In addition, there are few games and mostly the game developers that actually need this high-end content improving technology rather than the average person who just … Read more

What Is An Anti-Glare Screen?

What Is An Anti-Glare Screen

You definitely have heard people saying that the screen time damages the eye-sight. Certainly that is true because the continuous and prolonged time of screen has its own effect. But this is something that we can’t avoid that easy-right? Well, if your answer is ‘Yes’, you are probably wrong! With the help of an anti-glare … Read more

What is FreeSync Brightness Flickering & How To Fix It?

What is FreeSync Brightness Flickering

Being a computer enthusiastic does demand to have a high-end and innovative display screen featuring the innovation within. Moreover, if you know its functionality it saves you readily from many worries and hence you can solve your problems on your own. And if you are a game lover having the FreeSync display makes sense.  And … Read more

WLED vs. LED – What is the Difference?


Displays screens have always been a source of attraction that always give the edge to their users. Besides, with the advancement in tech, it has become somehow a hard thing to distinguish between, recent, latest and advance-level innovation in the field of display screens! The dynamic and bright approach of LED is liked by everyone, … Read more

Dell SE2719H Review – An Affordable 1080p IPS Monitor

Dell SE2719H Review

Inexpensive cost and excellent performance, that’s why Dell is such a renowned brand and first option to go for. The Black 27-inch Slim Frame with stunning picture detail is an exceptional opportunity for people who want to own an affordable monitor for professional and entertainment purposes. Our Rating: 3.5/5 Dell SE2719H Review Resolution: 1920×1080 Panel … Read more

What Is IPS Glow And How Can I Reduce It?

What Is IPS Glow And How Can I Reduce It

Within a display there are so many things that one need to know in order to experience the finest output. However, from time to time, we face some of the problems or the display errors which need the user’s attention. Although you can readily solve the pertaining issue , knowledge is the key. IPS glow- … Read more

Samsung C24F396/CF396 Review: Budget Curved FreeSync Gaming Monitor

Samsung C24F396 CF396 Review

Curved monitors are getting popular day by day and are trending in the world of monitors. But the only screen is not taken into consideration when buying a curved monitor, you also need to take a look at other specifications too. Samsung C24F396 is a popular curved monitor with amazing features and an affordable price … Read more