Best Gaming Monitor Under $150 In 2021

best gaming monitor under 150

Are you looking for a gaming monitor that comes under budget but is super reliable?  Even if you have the most expensive gaming computer, pairing it with a poor-quality monitor would give you a terrible experience. But what if you’re on a budget? Well, let’s be honest, finding a really functional gaming monitor while staying … Read more

Best Monitor for GTX 1070 In 2021

  Got your new GTX 1070? Well, congratulations on that. Indeed, GTX 1070 is an amazing graphics card, but without a compatible monitor, you can’t fully get access to its privileges.  The latest gaming technology added in monitors plays an important role to improve the overall game performance. If you are looking for a decent … Read more

UltraWide vs 4K Monitor – Which Should I Choose?

UltraWide vs 4K Monitor

Confused between choosing an UltraWide vs a 4K monitor? Let’s take a look at each resolution and see which one is better and why. What is UltraWide? Ultrawide monitors use 21:9 aspect ratios instead of the traditional 16:9. They follow the same ratio as 16:9 monitors. If you are unfamiliar with this aspect ratio, it … Read more

Curved vs Flat TV – Which Should You Choose?

Curved vs Flat TV

Confused and unable to choose between a curved vs a flat screen TV? Worry not, we’re here to educate you enough so that you can easily judge between the two TV screen styles and choose which one is best for you. We won’t pick one for you, we’ll only guide you so you are able … Read more

What Is Display Resolution And Why Does It Matter?

Want to know about screen resolutions, and why do they even matter? Read on, you’ll know why. What Exactly Is Display or Screen Resolution? Images are displayed on computer screens by using countless pixels. A horizontal and vertical grid is used to arrange the pixels. As a measure of screen resolution, the horizontal and vertical … Read more

Best Curved Monitor for Work In 2021

Best Curved Monitor for Work

If you are in search of the best curved monitors for work then you have come to the right place. These days, it is necessary to get good equipment to deliver your tasks professionally while working from home. And when it comes to good equipment for work, curved monitors are quite important. Curved monitors tend … Read more

1920×1080 vs 2560×1440 – Which One Should I Pick?

1920x1080 vs 2560x1440

At this point of time where everything is getting more and more innovatively robust, how can our display screen be any behind? In fact, the whole era seems to be dedicated to technology. For a regular users and a person who is at market of multiple display screens, knowing the difference between Full HD and … Read more

Best Monitor for Nintendo Switch In 2021- In-depth Reviews

Best Monitor for Nintendo Switch

Let’s be honest, it is impossible to fully cherish your gaming experience without a bigger screen. Nowadays you need a good quality monitor to enjoy playing games at a better experience.  There are a lot of gamers that prefer a Nintendo switch to play games. But what exactly is a Nintendo Switch? A Nintendo Switch … Read more

Best Gaming Monitors Under $300 In 2021

Best gaming monitor under 300

Are you in search of the best gaming monitors under 300 USD? Well, being a gamer, I know the value of a good gaming monitor and the consequences of having a bad one. So, if your budget is around $300, slightly less or slightly more than this article is going to help you out in … Read more

Samsung U28E590D Review – 4k UHD FreeSync Monitor

Samsung U28E590D Review

When you are searching for a monitor there is the number of options out there in the market. But which is the one that would be considered as the best one for your requirements. In the following article, we are going to review Samsung U28E590D and will let you know if this device is suitable … Read more