Monitor Screen Size Comparison

Monitor Screen Size

Have you ever paid heed to the monitor screen size comparison? Probably not, however this is the very parameter that helps a central role in the best purchase of the display screen.

It is pretty much obvious to pick up a wrong gaming monitor if you are ignorant of the exact screen size and its comparison. Besides, getting confused on the aspect ratio and monitor inner functionality becomes the next thing that ultimately leads you to the compromised screen display.

The size and measurement in display measurement depends on the manufacturing place greatly. For instance, the 14’’ inches of a monitor in the US would be 13.3’’ inches in Asia. For instance, the 14’’ inches of a monitor in the US would be 13.3’’ inches in Asia.

However, below we are discussing the even more detailed insights. Today’s article has been especially dedicated to the screen size to let you know how these display charts contribute to the visuals and graphics.

Before buying you need to make sure the original build of the device, every region makes things accordingly!

Comparison Between 24’’ Inches and 27’’ Monitor Screen


24 vs 27 inch

We’re taking this example because it is a common standard in monitors that many of the users are using. You might have a 23 or 27 inches of display screen as well. Well, to keep things more natural, this example will help you understand the comparison pretty much lucidly.

  1. Dimensional comparison

The size of the monitor overall, and the displaying screen are two different things. Certainly, you do not count that bezel while seeing the image or video playing in front of your sight. Besides, the inches you count while measuring the screen are always diagonal in length and not vertical or horizontal.

Placing the two monitors (24’’ inches and 27’’ inches) beside each other and playing in front of each other will clarify to you the actual measurement, that is, 7.5cm in total. For example:

Monitor Diagonal Vertical Horizontal
24 Inches Monitor 60.96 cm 53.1 cm wide 53.1 cm wide
24 Inches Monitor 68.58 cm 59.8 cm wide 59.8 cm wide
Dimensional Difference in cm 7.62 cm 6.7 cm 6.7 cm
Dimensional Difference in % 12.5% 12.6% 12.6%
  1. Distance for viewing comparison

While taking a note on comparisons, how far the monitor screen has been placed plays a crucial role. Every monitor offers you the recommended distance to see the image in its best form. An appropriate view matters the most in showing you the exact graphics you have anticipated.

A 24’’ inch of display has the recommended easy-to-read distance of 50cm ~ 60cm, whereas 27’ Inches 60cm ~70cm. Moreover, for a 29 Inches of display the distance should be 70cm ~ 80cm and for the 32 Inches, 80cm ~ 90cm is the distance that is advisable. After all, a comfortable view is what matters the most!

  1. Image quality comparison

monitor Image quality


Although the 24 inches of display monitor features FHD results, the pixel choppiness is still a noticeable factor in a 27’’inches display.

The simple thing is that, larger the screen size difference is, the more image quality would become apparent, such as with 24 and 32’’ inches on display. But when you talk about the 24 inches and 27 inches difference the image quality would not be as intrusive as with the previous ones.

  1. Fitting comparison

Another worth-noticing comparison is the installment. 24’’ inch of display monitor is rather convenient to set while a 27’’ inch of monitor is not, the reason being _wide area. In view of the size comparison, the stunts become big to adjust the size, and that ultimately affects the space.

A Quick Statistic Differentiation In Monitor Screens

24 inches Monitor

  • Diagonal Length in cm: 60.96 cm
  • Horizontal Length in cm: 53.1 cm Wide
  • Vertical Length in cm: 29.9 cm Long
  • Distance to Easy-to-Read Monitor: 50cm ~ 60cm
  • Installation: easy and user-friendly

27 inches Monitor

  • Diagonal Length in cm: 68.58 cm
  • Horizontal Length in cm: 59.8 cm Wide
  • Vertical Length in cm: 33.6 Long
  • Distance to Easy-to-Read Monitor: 60cm ~70cm
  • Installation: Rather intricate for space issue
  • Installation: Rather intricate for space issue

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