What Is Overdrive On A Monitor And How To Turn It On And Off?

What is overdrive on a monitor?What is overdrive on a monitor?

A Smoother and higher quality display screen also has some backend functionality that ultimately affects the output of your display. If you are buying a display monitor for your next game playing adventure you need to keep in mind a number of features and things pertaining to how a display works to produce a well-paced … Read more

What Is Low Blue Light Technology And Is It Good To Have?

What Is Low Blue Light Technology?

No matter how expensive a monitor you are opting for and how pretty it looks, there is always a threat of your sight. The more you spend time on screen and the intricate work the more alarming situation starts to become. With continuous and monotonous sitting in front of the screen is something everyone is … Read more

Input lag vs Response Time – Which Holds More Value For Gaming?


Surely, there is a lot of backdrop work behind the smooth and sleek display screen of your monitors that we often take for granted.  And if you happened to know the core difference between the Input lag and response time, this will certainly help you to ace the purchase in long terms. Generally, the input … Read more

What Is Screen Tearing And How Do You Fix It? – [Simple Guide]

What is screen tearing?

Are you seeing multiple frames in a single image on your display monitor? That is screen tearing, and if your answer is ‘YES’ this read is going to be a worthy piece of information for you! Many of us experience glitches in the display screen mainly in the smooth moving scene of movies, videos and … Read more

Is Nvidia G-SYNC Worth It? Here’s What You Need to Know

Is Nvidia G-SYNC Worth It

For most of the users, G-sync can be a mystery to opt for. Whether it is worthy or not is something that probably everyone would have pondered on. Many of the intensive gamers have claimed that G-sync technology is something that is a smart investment. Its robust performance implies that it is a luxury approach … Read more

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Laptop Screen?

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Laptop Screen

Do you hate it when your laptop display flickers or goes blank all of a sudden? This is one of the worst experiences that PC users may face at some point. No matter how luxurious a laptop you buy, its screen is always likely to be fragile. Seeing cracks, a bad display approach or random … Read more

G-sync Compatible vs. Native G-Sync – The absolute Ins and outs

G-sync Compatible vs. Native G-Sync

Who hasn’t heard about the Nvidia G-sync technology? It has definitely contributed a lot into the gaming and the graphics field.  Whenever you want to enjoy the tear-free and smooth display performance G-sync is what makes its entry as a worthwhile and reliable technology to opt for. The variable refresh rate VRR in the range … Read more