What is FreeSync Brightness Flickering & How To Fix It?

What is FreeSync Brightness Flickering

Being a computer enthusiastic does demand to have a high-end and innovative display screen featuring the innovation within. Moreover, if you know its functionality it saves you readily from many worries and hence you can solve your problems on your own. And if you are a game lover having the FreeSync display makes sense.  And … Read more

What Is 144hz Mean And Why Does it Matter?

What does 144hz mean

Whenever it comes to monitor and display the refresh rate becomes the next obvious thing you come across with. Are you inquisitive about these numbers such as 144Hz, 240Hz, and the commonly seen 60Hz? If yes, this article is going to bring to light all the facts and insights without being verbose! Thousands of displays … Read more

1920×1080 vs 2560×1440 – Which One Should I Pick?

1920x1080 vs 2560x1440

The main difference between these two resolutions is that 2560×1440 has 78% more pixels than 1920×1080, but which one should you choose for your monitor? Let’s find out.. For a regular users and a person who is at market of multiple display screens, knowing the difference between Full HD and QWHD display may seem a … Read more

What Is Monitor Contrast Ratio? – Here’s What You Need to Know

What Is Monitor Contrast Ratio

Admit it. We all have set the display brightness at some point. Display setting of your monitor that adjusts the accuracy of coloration, hues, brightness and all have a major role towards impressive visual quality. But do you know what monitor contrast ratio is?  And let me tell you, contrast ratio plays a major role … Read more

What is AMD FreeSync? Everything You Need To Know

What is AMD freesync?

AMD FreeSync is an adjustable and flexible technology in monitors and LCD display screens to keep up the smoothness of graphics. It was first introduced back in 2015 as a substitute of Nvidia G-Sync.  It broadly caters the finest display by tackling the screen tearing and more! Due to FreeSync, the crystal clear graphics now … Read more

WLED vs. LED – What is the Difference? [Detailed Guide]


The main difference between WLED and LED is that, there is no such difference in these two technologies 😀 Let find out why.. The dynamic and bright approach of LED is liked by everyone, especially the one who is into graphics. While the LED screen enhances the interior, the innovation in the display certainly grabs … Read more

Input lag vs Response Time – Which Holds More Value For Gaming?


The main difference between input lag and response time is, the input lag is the delay between a user-defined stimulus (Keystroke, button press etc) and the display in question, while the response time is the time required for a single pixel to change from one color to another. Generally, the input lag and the response … Read more

Curved vs Flat TV – Which Should You Choose?

Curved vs Flat TV

Confused and unable to choose between a curved vs a flat screen TV? Worry not, we’re here to educate you enough so that you can easily judge between the two TV screen styles and choose which one is best for you. We won’t pick one for you, we’ll only guide you so you are able … Read more

IGZO vs IPS – What is the Difference?


Every day, we hear of a new invention, especially in the tech field. Some of them catch our attention and some don’t. Besides, if you talk about the display screen and the powerful resolutions, they are ever so evolving. You might see something promising beyond 4K anytime soon! However, that is altogether a different debate. … Read more