What Is Overdrive On A Monitor And How To Turn It On And Off?

What is overdrive on a monitor?What is overdrive on a monitor?

A Smoother and higher quality display screen also has some backend functionality that ultimately affects the output of your display. If you are buying a display monitor for your next game playing adventure you need to keep in mind a number of features and things pertaining to how a display works to produce a well-paced … Read more

What Does Monitor Response Time Mean?

What Does Monitor Response Time Mean?

When you want a nice and wide display monitor for a PC you definitely expect the high-end output from it as well to ensure the best quality results. But, purchasing the display monitor without coming across with features like, refresh rate, response time and so on, sounds like an impossible thing. Although, refresh rate, frame … Read more

What is Nano IPS? – Should I switch to it?

What is Nano IPS?

If you are using the advanced and recent level of display monitors like VA (vertical alignment), TN (Twisted Nematic) or any other, you definitely have heard about the term IPS display screens_ right? But do you know about Nano IPS technology as well? If you are new to this technology, you are at the right … Read more

Is 144Hz Monitor Worth It For Gaming?

Over the course of time, gaming has certainly evolved. There are so many multiple mediums and display screen options are available that will allow you to play in the most robust and absolute form. Also, the recent and high-end technology in the display LCD, monitors, and screen has turned out to be the highly innovative … Read more

What Does 144hz Mean?

What does 144hz mean

Whenever it comes to monitor and display the refresh rate becomes the next obvious thing you come across with. Are you inquisitive about these numbers such as 144Hz, 240Hz, and the commonly seen 60Hz? If yes, this article is going to bring to light all the facts and insights without being verbose! Thousands of displays … Read more

Is Nvidia G-SYNC Worth It?

Is Nvidia G-SYNC Worth It

For most of the users, G-sync can be a mystery to opt for. Whether it is worthy or not is something that probably everyone would have pondered on. Many of the intensive gamers have claimed that G-sync technology is something that is a smart investment. Its robust performance implies that it is a luxury approach … Read more

What is AMD FreeSync? – The Complete Guide

What is AMD freesync?

AMD FreeSync is an adjustable and flexible technology in monitors and LCD display screens to keep up the smoothness of graphics. It was first introduced back in 2015 as a substitute of Nvidia G-Sync.  It broadly caters the finest display by tackling the screen tearing and more! Due to FreeSync, the crystal clear graphics now … Read more

1920×1080 vs 2560×1440 – Which One Should I Pick?

1920x1080 vs 2560x1440

At this point of time where everything is getting more and more innovatively robust, how can our display screen be any behind? In fact, the whole era seems to be dedicated to technology. For a regular users and a person who is at market of multiple display screens, knowing the difference between Full HD and … Read more