G-sync Compatible vs. Native G-Sync – The absolute Ins and outs

G-sync Compatible vs. Native G-Sync

Who hasn’t heard about the Nvidia G-sync technology? It has definitely contributed a lot into the gaming and the graphics field.  Whenever you want to enjoy the tear-free and smooth display performance G-sync is what makes its entry as a worthwhile and reliable technology to opt for. The variable refresh rate VRR in the range … Read more

What is a Monitor Refresh Rate

what is monitor refresh rate

When you see those technical terms about monitor settings, such as refresh rate and frame per second (FPS) you might just skip its background processing. However, for purchasing and buying the best gaming monitor, whether it is for competitive gaming, CAD designing or just for watching movies and streaming it is important to know what … Read more

What Is Monitor Contrast Ratio

What Is Monitor Contrast Ratio

Admit it. We all have set the display brightness at some point. Display setting of your monitor that adjusts the accuracy of coloration, hues, brightness and all have a major role towards impressive visual quality. But do you know what monitor contrast ratio is?  And let me tell you, contrast ratio plays a major role … Read more

Is An HDR Gaming Monitor Worth It?

Gaming has made a strong base in today’s era not only for players, but for developers as well. The robust well performing system is in-demand for a high-tech approach. In addition, there are few games and mostly the game developers that actually need this high-end content improving technology rather than the average person who just … Read more

What is Nano IPS? – Should I switch to it?

What is Nano IPS?

If you are using the advanced and recent level of display monitors like VA (vertical alignment), TN (Twisted Nematic) or any other, you definitely have heard about the term IPS display screens_ right? But do you know about Nano IPS technology as well? If you are new to this technology, you are at the right … Read more

What Is Overdrive On A Monitor And How To Turn It On And Off?

What is overdrive on a monitor?What is overdrive on a monitor?

A Smoother and higher quality display screen also has some backend functionality that ultimately affects the output of your display. If you are buying a display monitor for your next game playing adventure you need to keep in mind a number of features and things pertaining to how a display works to produce a well-paced … Read more

What Is Low Blue Light Technology And Is It Good To Have?

What Is Low Blue Light Technology?

No matter how expensive a monitor you are opting for and how pretty it looks, there is always a threat of your sight. The more you spend time on screen and the intricate work the more alarming situation starts to become. With continuous and monotonous sitting in front of the screen is something everyone is … Read more

What Is An Anti-Glare Screen? [Complete Guide]

What Is An Anti-Glare Screen

You definitely have heard people saying that the screen time damages the eye-sight. Certainly that is true because the continuous and prolonged time of screen has its own effect. But this is something that we can’t avoid that easy-right? Well, if your answer is ‘Yes’, you are probably wrong! With the help of an anti-glare … Read more

What Is Samsung Motion Rate, Sony MotionFlow, and LG Trumotion?

What Is Samsung Motion Rate, Sony MotionFlow, and LG Trumotion?

The leading companies like Samsung, Sony and LG always offer the buyers some of the exceptional features in their displays. And probably, this is the reason why people are drooling over each of their new 4k additions with UHD quality and HD performance with much appreciation. However, when we see the terms like motion rate, … Read more

IGZO vs IPS – What is the Difference?


Every day, we hear of a new invention, especially in the tech field. Some of them catch our attention and some don’t. Besides, if you talk about the display screen and the powerful resolutions, they are ever so evolving. You might see something promising beyond 4K anytime soon! However, that is altogether a different debate. … Read more