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Is Asus A Good Laptop Brand

Asus is a name that has dominated many fields and is known for its authorized quality in tech gears. The brand is catering its innovation for many related things such as tablets, desktop computers, personal digital assistants, monitors, motherboards, smartphones, sound card and whatnot. But is Asus a good laptop brand too?

This is one of the quite common questions that people are still confused about. So let’s find out if it’s true that Asus is a leading brand for laptops and what makes it so popular in that regard.

Laptops by Asus

Before opting for the Asus made laptop, let me tell you something about the bread first. It would elucidate more about it and you will purchase confidently.

Asus is basically a multinational company from Taiwan for dedicated computer hardware and electronics. Ever since establishment, Asus has only made progress in incorporating the high-end and robust feature in laptops that surely grabs user’s attention. Moreover, Asus laptops are known for the elegance and supreme quality that are usually rare to find even if you have a relatively low budget.

Standout Futures That Asus Laptops Brand Has

To be very upfront, it depends on your personal preference why you would choose Asus.  But unlike any biased reviews and guide here we are providing you with the facts and common observations that many users have stated about this brand.


First of all, laptops by Asus are eye-catchy. You will find the design and overall build quite impressive for man work. From professional and sober appearance to the chic and stylish approach you have the diversity ensured.

The gorgeous design, stunning details in display approach and the friendly manufacturing approach is a sure way to keep its audience satisfied.

Quality in performance

Secondly, due to the QoS and the dedication in each internal component you get to receive the utmost durability and long lasting performance even if you are hardcore PC users.  Certainly Asus isn’t the only brand that is there in the market, but the best part is that it successfully gives a tough time to its competitors, rivals and other names that claim to be No.1!

Robust output

High-end performance in intensive tasks is a cinch for Asus gear. Moreover, the thermal cooling system of the Asus laptop welcomes many intensive gamers to experience trusted performance without lagging and random freezing.

The powerful output, largest screen-to-body ratio such as 97%, and the narrow bezel engineered style is enough for users to keep their work seamless.

Certainly as a compact and handy gear these features matter the most. The Asus laptop delivers more desktop-grade performance when it comes to the GPU, processing and RAM power.


As you have read above, Asus laptops are high-end and quite sophisticated. But that doesn’t mean to make you bankrupt! Asus offers its customers to find the choice in a range of budget starting from $200 and the list goes on and on.

Asus Zenbook series is especially dedicated for students, university students and for being under budget. Certainly the price tag is the first thing that many people notice.  Being a standard and desirable gear, Asus laptops never let you down in terms of quality while still remaining in an affordable range.

Isn’t it enough to tell the goodness of this brand?

Breaking Boundaries

The smart technology, sensors and the next-level feature is something you get in an Asus laptop first-hand. The newer and relatively fresh tech used in laptops by the Asus brand is really interesting that usually other brands think of as a risk factor. You get the desktop-grade performance and qualities in a laptop which is why this brand is standing out among the rest.

Tech Support

Another reason why many Asus users are in awe of the Asus laptop is their tech support.  The call and phone guidance by Asus keeps the satisfaction around.  Although the service isn’t 34/7 available but if you talk about the online service, the help is just click away. The website and the social media coverage by Asus imply the usefulness and if you own a laptop by Asus, there isn’t any reason to brainstorm about.


Even after quality ensures, testified and certifies manufacturing and the fuller tech sport, the company offers its customers a higher approach in warranty and replacement. If you have a laptop by this brand and it gets accidently damaged, its 1-year of limited warranty period is not going anywhere.

Is there any downside to the Asus laptop brand?

If someone is emphasizing on the perfection of a product all in all, you should continue your search to find the truth. Certainly nothing comes perfect, and for an Asus laptop you have it in the shape of relatively limited battery life.

So should I purchase an Asus laptop?

Still confused on whether or not to buy an Asus laptop? Well keep your personal requirement and need highlighted and then make any final move. In view of the above mentioned data, you can infer how the working approach is. 

We have mentioned the highlighted points that enhance the quality of performance as a whole. In our recommendations, if you narrow down your choice things become way more practical and easier to make any decision.

Don’t purchase any high-end or luxurious laptop filled with too many features that you don’t even need otherwise.

Final Thoughts

Asus has emerged as the leading name over the years. You have its best quality and almost every future that you may want to experience at a fair price. From office users to the gaming geeks, Asus laptops are widely in use by many. You can say that it is quite a task to beat the performance, attitude and the offers that this brand is offering you in first place.

However, depending on your precise choice and requirement you have fuller privilege to opt for any. At the end of the day you get what you have paid for!