Is An HDR Gaming Monitor Worth It? – Everything You Need to Know

Gaming has made a strong base in today’s era not only for players, but for developers as well. The robust well performing system is in-demand for a high-tech approach.

Is An HDR Gaming Monitor Worth It?

In addition, there are few games and mostly the game developers that actually need this high-end content improving technology rather than the average person who just browses regular stuff online.

With that, the FreeSync and G-sync addiction has made things way more innovative. In the presence of such jaw-dropping features, the question on an HDR gaming monitor worthiness is obvious.

If you are using the monitor on its fullest form, HDR proves to be the icing on the cake. It is pretty much evident that for fast-paced gaming the display with its FPS, refresh rate, response time and more also need to offer you the precise output in vivid graphics and colors accuracy.

But before knowing more about high dynamic range monitors, it is also important that not all displays will let out the equally same result. Some may excel and on the other hand some may just fail to keep up the anticipation. Every display has its own style of build and performance.

Therefore, having the HDR monitor is the next thing that is arguably the hot topic of today’s article. Let’s find out the answer with some more insights!

HDR Gaming Monitor

The basic purpose of an HDR monitor is to make sure the wider and precise color gamut followed by the contrast. For the better color approach and a more realistic appearance HDR monitor has emerged to be the prominent technology.

And if we talk about the gaming experience it definitely worth the penny and the performing experience. Certainly, when you play fast-paced games involving the frame with minute size speed you do not want to compromise on the appearance to miss the exact color or tone of the frame in which the game has been designed in first place.

One thing not to overlook about the HDR gaming monitor worthwhileness is that it is especially best if you prefer the graphics in a display. Besides, many of the modish and recent monitors are compatible with HDR technology. Also, the mid-range medium range is also supportable.

For display technology there are many panels including IPS, Nano IPS, IGZO, VA etc. But for TN display panel HDR is not compatible (for now, who knows the evaluation in technology) and many games are not pre-designed to support the high dynamic range technology.

How Does HDR Work?

With all of its exquisite performance, and the up to the mark output you might be thinking of its insights. Besides, preferring it to the higher resolution of display is something that somehow always paired with this technology. But what is the truth indeed?

The HDR display output the image with more colors, vivid details and enhanced lightening all over it. It enhances the contrast and especially caters the light and dark areas or frame of the game with needed light.

Hence the overall appearance emerged to be as the perfectly balanced performance. The close relation of colors with no blankness allows the sight to experience the realistic approach. The monitor or display screen with the HDR feature within accept the high dynamic range signals and readily enhance and boost up the image quality.

 When we say image quality it includes the colors with best and suitable contrast ratio, color spectrum, its brightness apex and the lightning effect. When it all acts as a whole, you ultimately get the picture or the display frame highly exquisite. For gaming HDR has marked its presence.

However, it is not a rule that all of the HDR monitors will output in the same exact way in terms of their viewing angles. It all depends on the monitor manufacturing style, quality and all. Some may offer you the extraordinary output as well and on the contrary some also offer you the compromise quality that you just can’t stop laughing.

HDR Formats

HDR10 is not the only version in the market. As a rule of thumb, you will be requiring the HDR10 format for gaming, although there are other formats also available. It is most common and also very much in-demand by the users, especially game developers, and intensive players. However there are total five formats or version of this HDR which includes:

  1.     HDR10
  2.     HDR10+
  3.     HLG
  4.     Dolby Vision
  5.     Advanced HDR by Technicolor

HDR being the robust and the most sought-after is in use and serving the best for games and more. Its open standards and the smooth performance are reliable for users. In fact if you are into graphics and work that demand to have the exquisite accurate display HDR10 is the best format for that.

Requirement & Specification of a High Dynamic Range (HDR) Monitor

In order to opt for the best and accurate gaming monitor with HDR technology, money is not the only requirement. While there are so many features, make sure the configurations are all in accordance so that the ultimate game play becomes more robust and vigorous.


Firstly, the HDR monitor will not lean on the heavy-duty graphic processing unit (GPU). If you have the system with the GTX 950 or above, you can certainly have HDR display with all of its might and mane! In addition to that, the AMD GPUs with the R9 380 card will also support HDR technology. The port of your monitor is another thing to be kept in mind if you are concerned about the configuration of HDR.


Aside from the fact that you are using a VA display penal or an IPS display screen, the HDR support lean on the HDMI 2.0 or above and DisplayPort 1.4. The display must support the HDR10. As far as TN penal is concerned they don’t support high dynamic range monitors.

For gaming the ace and high-end software hold the ideal place. Definitely they assist in having the more appreciable approach.  If you are using the Windows 10, playstation 4 no matter if it is regular slim or pro, it assure you to support HDR with smooth performance. Moreover, Xbox one also works with high dynamic range monitor displays.

Enabling HDR Support In Window 10

Enabling the HDR support on your display follows the simple steps. First and foremost, the monitor should be compatible and supportive for this technology.

  1. Go to the start menu and select settings and then go to system and display.
  2. If you have multiple display screens, select the monitor display in which you want to enable HDR.
  3. Now, below the Window HD color, section true on the play HDR games and app, to use the feature.


What is a real or sham HDR?

When you are at the market, buying the HDR is not an enough move. Knowing its proper quality along with the real build is something that is the real thing. With the technology advent you can easily find the fake or copy of the original product as well as technologies. Therefore, make sure the real one is what you are purchasing.

So what does a sham HDR do? It actually renders the HDR process and accepts it but when it comes to the hardware part, it cannot enhance its picture quality that is what you are purchasing an HDR monitor.

No peak brightness like display-HDR 400 makes is what the recognition of a fake quality. You will instantly feel the difference if you have always been using the real HDR. Beware of fake ones!

Should I enable HDR on my display monitor?

It sounds pretty nice that you have high-end and robust gear for work, gaming or whatsoever. Besides, if you can approach the technology with just a click away why not use it in the first place! That said, having the HDR compatible  monitor does really mean you should always keep enabling this feature.

According to the experts, HDR should only be enabled when you are watching the content related to that. Besides, enabling it before playing the HDR content would instantly give more power to the color, contrast and brightness that you would not require otherwise. On the other hand, if you keep HDR enabled it won’t be any much useful.

Final Thoughts

HDR is an amazing technology that is especially designed to better color and contrast receiving approaches. For playing the high-end and most intricate games, the brightness, an lightning effect makes the image and frame more realistic and lively to the core.

However, if you are a fan of having a dedicated and robust high dynamic range monitor, the configuration of both hardware and software needs to be kept in mind.  Without the proper support to HDR in terms of configurations choosing this HDR technology for better gaming won’t be worthy enough as it doesn’t support the TN display panel.