Is 144Hz Monitor Worth It For Gaming? – Here’s What You Need to Know

Over the course of time, gaming has certainly evolved. There are so many multiple mediums and display screen options are available that will allow you to play in the most robust and absolute form. Also, the recent and high-end technology in the display LCD, monitors, and screen has turned out to be the highly innovative thing to opt for. With chic style display and wide broad screens, the 144Hz has made things pretty much obvious as well.

Is 144Hz Monitor Worth It For Gaming?


In addition, if you have been playing games all of your life you must notice the difference while shifting towards the higher refresh rate and response time for fast-paced action games, especially the first-person shooter.

While you can see so many refresh rates are available out there in the market, but among 144Hz has emerged as one of the most appreciated and commonly used ones. But why is that, and is 144Hz monitor really worthy for gaming as well?

What is the refresh rate in regard to competitive games?

There are so many theories on which refresh rate is good to pick. Certainly, this is a preferable thing and it varies from person to person. A higher refresh rate would bring more smoothness and more fluid-like graphics to the screen.  Also, the higher refresh rate brings in better motion resolution that will ultimately make on-screen things more smooth and more appealing. 

As we all know the refresh rate is the frequency of time in which an image refreshes in a single second. There are many refresh rates and if you are into slow-paced games you will be good with 60FPS. However, the higher-end refresh rate makes it guaranteed for the user to have the best ever gaming response without delay. Therefore, high refresh rates affect the display (in a positive way) to a greater level.

What place does a 144Hz monitor hold for gaming?

Nobody likes the delay-right? But when you are all set to play advanced-level fast-paced games even the slightest lag and poor quality of refresh rate can turn the tables! Certainly, in the action and fast-moving screen images, the refresh rate is what plays an important role.

If you have the 144Hz display screen, (or you want to opt for it) it offers you the fastest and most rapid response time to refresh the images in a second. 144Hz means that it is capable of refreshing 144 times in a single second. Hence, you can say that it is special for competitive games but for regular games 60Hz is a fair enough option.

Comparison With 60Hz Monitors

60hz vs 144hz

Certainly, it is way more high-end than the 60Hz of refresh rate. By providing you with the fastest refresh rate and the quality of smoothness within the picture, you have the privilege to experience robust gaming all along. Moreover, if you have this 144Hz of display monitor for playing competitive games, you surely have the upper hand for responsive output. So the chances of winning are more!!

Without a second thought, the refresh rate of 144Hz makes it easier to play games with no-lag. Moreover, these recent technological monitors are becoming popular for which you can easily find within economical price range as well. It makes sure the real performance of the game and hence you don’t feel it lacking any superior quality fun in any way.

How many Hertz is good for a gaming monitor?

Typically the higher you go the better you will have screen performance as a whole. And if you talk about the refresh rate of gaming, it also depends on what type of game you are playing in the first place. Certainly, different people like to play different games, some like 2d games while some like to play high-end 3d and advanced level games.

So, generally, 60Hz is a fair option to opt for. However, for recent and high-level competitive games you should go about 75Hz to 120Hz to experience the robust gaming time. Also, most monitors are made with 120Hz at least. For 144Hz things totally change and you feel the realistic approach with the appropriate refresh rate.

How to enable 144Hz for ultimate game-playing?

If you don’t know how to enable 144Hz for games, here we are discussing the easy steps for both Nvidia and AMD. Have a look!

Enabling 144Hz on Nvidia Graphics

Enabling 144Hz on Nvidia Graphics

To enable 144Hz refresh rates for the game playing NVidia has made sure to provide all the settings in the driver’s settings. You just have to open the NVidia menu first. Now go to the Change Resolution tab right under the Display Options. From here, beside the Resolution window, in the refresh rate drop-down menu you will see the refresh rate option, select your desirable from the list, preferably the 14Hz and that is it.

Enabling 144Hz on AMD

And if you want to enable the 144Hz refresh rate on your AMD system, you need to follow these simple and quick steps.

  1. Right-click on your desktop and go to the Display Settings.
  2. Now, from here you will see the setting names as Display Adapter Properties, select it.
  3. After selecting the setting, you will the list of all available modes

Once you have enabled the 144Hz refresh rate mode, you will experience a smoother and more responsive image shift for gaming. Core gamers have already appreciated this and you will find it pretty much satisfactory.

Should I opt for 144Hz for single-player games?

As mentioned above, the choice for choosing the 144Hz is what depends on what type of game you are playing. So, if you are in a single player game niche, choosing the 144Hz would be as much worthy for you as you might have expected.

So, 144Hz wouldn’t be a total worthy choice if you only play slow-paced games. A 144hz monitor is not worth it if you’re only going to use it on single-player games, you would see a difference but it isn’t important in single-player games. 120hz monitors are usually used in the competitive FPS scenes which can help you improve to be a better player.

Final Thoughts

With the diverse and readily available display technologies, the 144Hz refresh rate makes it a special place. It offers the game with every possible and best performance to avoid tearing and on-screen stuttering.

With the fast and rapid refresh rate, you can certainly play almost every game with absolute pleasure. 144Hz is a sure way to assure you it’s worthwhileness for competitive games with satisfactory output. Another important factor that many people tend to overlook while purchasing the 144Hz monitor is that your overall computer unit should also be able to support that refresh rate. The high-end gaming with ever so fast refresh rate definitely works on the system accordingly.