Best IPS Monitors Under $200 In 2022

best ips monitor under 200

If you’re on a tight budget, but want an excellent IPS monitor, there are a few options under $200 that you can consider. Many of these monitors offer great value for the price and have features that make them ideal for use in both home and office settings. The best IPS monitors under $200 typically have a 1920 x 1080 resolution and come with a range of features, like fast response times and wide viewing angles.

If you want to gain more insight into the world of IPS displays, we recommend you do not miss out! Now, before we begin, let’s look over our top pick and an informational comparison chart as well.

List Of Best IPS Monitors Under $200 

1. Acer R240HY bidx IPS Monitor

Acer R240HY bidx IPS Monitor

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Starting with its resolution and size, we see that this device has a 23.8-inch display. This along with its Full HD and widescreen display ensures the best viewing experience.

Add in the fact that this monitor uses an IPS panel, you will not have to worry about dull viewing no matter the angle. Speaking of the wider viewing angles, they are rated at 178 degrees total. This means that you get an almost 180-degree display with brilliant hues and extreme clarity as well.

Moving on, we see that this might be the best device if you are looking to create a multiple monitor setup. This is all thanks to the Zero Frame Design feature that allows for easy side-by-side display options since the 0.8-inches sleek frame will allow for seamless visuals at all times.

Another aspect that we love about this product is that it offers multiple connection options so you can have flexibility in your connectivity. This includes HDMI ports, VGA, and DVI ones as well. The only drawback here is that while it offers a 10-degree adjustment, this monitor doesn’t have swivel and pivot options. If that isn’t a huge letdown for you, this is quite the investment!

  • Full HD display
  • Zero Frame Design
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Doesn’t pivot or swivel

2. ASUS VS239H-P IPS Monitor

ASUS VS239H-P IPS Monitor

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In terms of resolution, it offers a cool Full HD viewing experience that is only accentuated by its 23-inch screen display. Of course, since today’s main motive is all about IPS displays, you will appreciate its inclusion of a 178˚ viewing angle. Both of these pair perfectly with one another to create striking visuals at the most comfortable angles.

You get multiple connectivity options in the form of HDMI, VGA, and DVI-D connections. These ensure that you can connect to multiple devices with absolute ease for a versatile and flexible experience.

For versatile wall mounting, this monitor also comes equipped with VESA Mount Compatibility that is included. At the price you are getting this monitor, the kinds of features it is equipped with are quite impressive. The only gripe is that users have complained of poor customer service.

While you might think the technology is slightly outdated, this device has something for all those users who appreciate the inclusion of an external security system. We are of course referring to the Kensington Lock Security feature. This ensures your device is kept safe and secure at all times.

  • Full HD
  • Kensington Lock Security
  • VESA Mount Compatible
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Customer service isn’t the best

3. Dell 27-inch IPS Monitor

Dell 27 LED Backlit LCD Monitor SE2719H IPS monitor

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The Dell 27-inch IPS Monitor is another excellent contender for this list of the best IPS monitors under $200. This device has been fitted with an LED panel that is backlit for a more illuminated experience even in low-light conditions. Its Full HD display and 27-inch screen are the perfect combination for gaming, streaming, and watching movies.

This monitor comes with an IPS Panel Type display that not only grants an excellent vivid display but also allows the device to work with 2 response times. The first is at a normal rate of 8-ms and it can get to 5-ms when pushed faster.

The one drawback that we see here is that while it comes with a stand, this monitor is not VESA compatible and does not even come with it included. Other than this, its dual VGI and HDMI connectivity options are good enough to allow for versatile connection with external devices. All in all, this is quite a good pick if you want a budget-friendly option with a decent display.

  • HDMI and VGA compatible
  • LED-backlit
  • 2 response times
  • Full HD
  • Not VESA compatible

4. BenQ 27-Inch IPS Monitor

BenQ 27 inch ips monitor

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The BenQ 27-Inch IPS Monitor offers the perfect set of features that one would expect from a product in its price range! It might come off as being slightly low-tech when compared with other models but for anyone with a budget, this is quite an impressive pick.

When it comes to resolution, this FHD monitor that has a stunning 27-inch screen will ensure that you can watch HD movies and play games in vivid clarity. This combined with its IPS panel technology will guarantee that you have a wide viewing experience with its 178-degree viewing angle as well.

This monitor keeps on granting feature after feature to enhance the display and with its 250 nits of brightness, you can ensure visual and image clarity at all times even in low-light situations. This along with the fact that its built-in speakers are quite effective will make sure you have an all-in-one solution.

Not only is this product completely compatible with VESA wall mounts, but it also has an advanced and integrated cable management system. This will organize and hide all external wires and cables in the monitor stand for a mess and trip-free setup. Who said you can’t have it all?

  • FHD Display
  • Integrated cable management system
  • Wide viewing angle
  • 250 nits of brightness
  • Built-in speakers
  • VESA Compatible
  • Slightly low-tech

5. HP 24ea IPS Monitor

HP 24ea IPS Monitor

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HP 24ea IPS Monitor that has a great option if you want the best budget IPS monitor. It has a Full HD resolution that is perfect for its 23.8-inch display as they work together to ensure you have reduced eye movement across its screen.

Along with an impressive native resolution and a decent-sized screen, this monitor has also been fitted with IPS panel technology. This increases the color reproduction levels and ensures you get rich and vibrant images. Thanks to the 10000000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, darker parts of the screen will be enhanced.

Perhaps the coolest bit about this monitor is that its excellent edge-to-edge display will allow you to connect more than one monitor in your setup. This will lead to a better viewing experience because you get a frameless edge. Fewer bezels mean more of the screen you can utilize!

Although this product does come fitted with integrated internal speakers, they aren’t the best. This might not be a complete deal-breaker, however, because most users will choose to invest in better external speakers anyways. Other than this one glitch, we’re sold!

  • 23-inch screen
  • Full HD display
  • Edge to Edge bezels
  • Dynamic contrast ratio
  • Thin and sleek
  • Built-in speakers not the best

6. HP Full HD IPS Monitor

HP Full HD IPS monitor

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This is thanks to the fact that apart from being a Full HD 21.5-inch monitor, it also employs IPS technology to ensure you get wider viewing angles.

These viewing angles work both horizontally and vertically and are 178-degrees. While this product might not offer a fully adjustable stand, you can tilt it quite a bit for comfort. The screen has an anti-glare and matte LED-backlit panel to make sure no matter the lighting conditions, your view is clear.

While the device does offer a year-long warranty, it is unfortunately limited so it might not cover all aspects or components. Finally, connectivity has never been easier since this product has both an HDMI and a VGA port for multi-monitor setups. The VGA cord also comes included in this so this product is quite the investment!

  • Full HD display
  • Multiple connection options
  • Anti-glare and back-lit panel
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Adjustable tilt
  • 1-year limited warranty

7. Samsung 22-inch IPS Monitor

SAMSUNG 22-inch T35F LED Monitor

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With the Samsung 22-inch IPS Monitor, you can expect all the makings of an excellent gaming monitor but without the massive drain on your bank account! This is one of the best IPS monitors under $200 because you can get a brilliant and rich color display across the screen no matter the angle.

It has dual connectivity options so that it becomes easier to directly connect various devices to your setup. This includes HDMI and D-sub ports for versatile compatibility and connection. Other than this, thanks to the fact that it has a 75Hz refresh rate, you can say goodbye to blurring and ghosting on-screen.

One of the biggest issues with extended screen time is that it can take its toll on your eyes in the long run. With the inclusion of advanced eye comfort technology, users get both an eye saver mode and flicker-free technology to have a comfortable and protected viewing experience.

To ensure that users can attach more than one additional monitor to your existing setup, this product comes equipped with a 3-sided borderless display. This allows you to work, play and view with almost no bezels getting in the way. The only catch? You might have to spend some time color calibrating this device for effective viewing.

  • Dual connectivity options
  • 75Hz refresh rate
  • Advanced eye comfort technology
  • 3-sided borderless display
  • Has to be color calibrated

8. Sceptre IPS (E248B-FPT168)

Sceptre E248B-FPT168

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Moving on with today’s review, we are now looking towards the Sceptre 24-inch IPS monitor. This is quite the impressive and heavy-duty monitor that is perfect for gaming thanks to its super-fast refresh rate.

It grants gamers that competitive edge with the 165Hz refresh rate that reduces blurring on-screen and provides seamless frame transition. This along with its kick-ass built-in speakers will ensure that you have a perfect gaming and viewing experience.

The one reoccurring letdown from this product that we have seen is that it is quite lightweight and therefore, might not be the most durable. However, it comes with a VESA wall mount included in the package and users can mount it on a wall for greater stability and safety.

That’s not all, however, since the product has also been designed to be edgeless. Most avid gamers will want to attach an additional monitor or two to their existing setup and a monitor such as this that has ultra-slim bezels will be best suited for this purpose. And that is exactly what you’ll get!

  • 165Hz refresh rate
  • VESA wall mount included
  • Built-in speakers
  • Edgeless design
  • Not especially durable

9. ViewSonic VX3276-MHD

ViewSonic VX3276-MHD

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ViewSonic 32-inch Monitor and this is quite an impressive display! With its 32-inch screen and Full HD resolution, you can use it for a wide range of applications. From gaming to HD viewing, there’s absolutely nothing it cannot handle!

Continuing with its display features, this monitor also has been designed to be frameless.  What this essentially means is that for any user who wants to attach 2 or more monitors side by side, its ultra-slim design will ensure that you get that perfectly seamless display. No disruptions and a wider view? What more could you want in an IPS monitor?

We love that every feature on this device is in perfect harmony with the other. With its bezel-less viewing, it also adds in features for enhanced viewing comfort. These include a blue light filter to reduce blue light emissions and a flicker-free technology as well that reduces eye strain with extended use.

Finally, we know that a monitor is only as good as the devices it can offer connectivity with, so the fact that this one offers flexible connectivity is a great plus! Thanks to its VGA, HDMI, and DisplayPort inputs, it is compatible with MacBooks, laptops, and PCs.

The one drawback? Unfortunately, the built-in speakers on this device do not offer volume control. This can be limiting if you do not wish to attach an external speaker system but since most users will, this might not be that big of a letdown.  

  • Frameless design
  • Viewing comfort features
  • Flexible connectivity options
  • 32-inches
  • Speakers offer no volume control

Things To Consider Before Buying A IPS monitor under $200

Let’s face it! No matter how much of a tech buff you are, it can be quite a daunting task to effectively select the best monitor for your use. This is because each product can come with a wide range of features and this can be quite confusing. 

Therefore, we have compiled the following buying guide where we will ask the most pressing questions to make your decision-making process clearer. After this, there is also a list of important FAQs that we have answered for your convenience. 

To begin, these are the main questions you should be asking yourself when making a purchase

What the monitor will be used for?

If you are making your purchase under a set budget, instead of focusing on the brand, make or model of your chosen device, instead look for specific features. If you are a gamer looking for the best IPS monitor under $200, you will certainly want a faster refresh rate. 

For better picture quality and viewing, we recommend that you opt for at least a Full HD resolution option. If you figure out early on what the monitor’s main use will be, your choice will become much easier. 

Do I need more connectivity options?

No matter what your end motive is for your monitor, you cannot have a seamless and versatile experience unless it offers the right kind of connectivity features. You do not necessarily need more but you should consider what kind of devices you want to connect to. 

The most common and useful options include an HDMI cable, VGA ports, USB options, and DVI-D ports. These offer a flexible user experience and you can directly connect MacBooks, laptops, and PCs to your monitor. 

What should the screen size be?

This question is best answered depending on the distance you will be seated from your monitor and the resolution that it offers. So, with that logic, it is best to opt for a 32-inch screen if you want 4K viewing, a 27-inch option if you want full HD or 1440p viewing, and anything below 1080p works best. 

What panel works best for you?

You need to decide on what kind of panel will work best for your budget and your requirements as a user. When it comes to gaming, most will opt for TN panels as they are the fastest. However, their image quality reduces quite a bit when the angle changes.

On the other hand, you get IPS monitors that provide faster response times in comparison and also enhance the color reproduction on-screen. However, you can also opt for a VA option that has similar wider viewing angles and also offer excellent contrast. The kind of panel you choose to invest in will have much to do with how you intend to use the device. 

Consider getting a curved display

Investing in a curved display can do wonders for your overall image clarity and viewing experience. An IPS or VA panel works to increase your viewing angles and that paired with a curved display will ensure your experience is as immersive as possible. 

You can get these in 1800r, 3000r, and 4000r models. The only real issue with those is that you might have to pay more since most curved displays start from 30-inches. 


Which IPS monitor is best? 

When it comes to the best IPS monitor, you would be surprised with how many options there are available! Not only is the 24-inch Dell U2415 the perfect IPS monitor, but it is also quite the compact option to consider investing in. this makes it excellent for those users who simply do not have the desk space available.

It is also cheaper so you won’t have to splurge a lot and will still get all of the benefits that you would expect from a monitor in its price range. Of course with an IPS display, you expect a vibrant, clear, and excellent color and contrast. This is made much simpler since the model comes fully factory calibrated.

This might not necessarily be the first pick in your mind for a heavy-duty gaming monitor, but it is quite a decent pick thanks to the inclusion of a USB 3.0 port. This offers seamless connectivity that you will appreciate.

The 4-way adjustable stand is another handy addition as it allows users to adjust the height, pivot, swivel, and tilt options with ease and precision.

Finally, when compared to 1080p resolutions, this device offers a 1920×1200 display. This guarantees a bit more clarity and better color performance along with more real-estate on-screen.

What is the best monitor under 200? 

We recommend the BenQ 27-inch IPS monitor as the best monitor for under 200 dollars. Not only does it provide users with an FHD display, but this device has also been made to look extremely stylish and sleek. Along with a decent resolution, this product is affordable of course and that is always a plus point!

Connectivity has never been easier thanks to the inclusion of 3 HDMI 2.0 inputs that also offer HDCP 2.2.  Finally, the fact that its built-in speakers offer clear and loud performance, makes this a great overall option.

However, that being said, it wouldn’t be a fair analysis, if we didn’t add in the potential limitations of this device as well. The first is that the screen does not come with a 4-way adjustable stand since you can only tilt it.

Other than this, it doesn’t have enough options for brightness intensity and that can be troubling in both dimly lit areas and sun-lit ones.

Should I buy an IPS monitor? 

IPS or In-plane switching is quite an impressive technology when you want faster results on-screen and a better viewing experience overall. However, it is important to note that IPS technology is also much more expensive when compared to other panel types. 

So, if budget isn’t an issue for you, you should certainly consider investing in an IPS monitor as these enhance the color accuracy and reproduction on screen. They also provide amazing and wider viewing angles and increase the display quality as well. 

With wider viewing angles, for example, you will notice that across multiple angles, your images will not get dull or blurry and this is especially useful if you are going to be using the monitor for longer and extended usage. 

Which is better led or IPS? 


There are specific advantages and subsequent disadvantages to both LED and IPS displays. When it comes to the amount of power each consumes, the LED monitor is a clear winner as they consume much less power. On the other hand, IPS monitors consume more since they work to provide a higher quality of images on-screen. 

LEDs might be consuming less power but they still will offer brighter viewing and that’s a definite plus. This is predominantly why you see so many monitors that have an LED-backlit display. These are great for dimly lit areas. 

Along with ensuring a brighter image, they also offer a longer running backlight. In comparison, In-Plane Switching or IPS technology works with the aid of LCD TV technology. Therefore, their main strength is accurate and realistic color reproduction along with increasing the viewing angles. 

So, to figure out which one is better than the other, it makes sense to consider what kind of features the user needs as this will vary from individual to individual. 

Are IPS monitors good for the eyes?

IPS monitors or those that make use of In-Plane Switching are devices that improve the image quality, enhance color reproduction, and of course, increase the viewing angles with the use of specialized liquid crystals. 

The fact that you will have to exert less strain on the eyes to accurately view the information on screen does point to the conclusion that these are better. However, overall, we wouldn’t say that IPS displays are necessarily better for your eyes. 

Along with having wider viewing angles and vibrant color, it might serve the user better to invest in an option that has advanced eye care technology as well. These include special features such as Blue Light filters and Flicker-less technology that are much better for the eyes in the long term. 


With that, we have now reached the end of today’s article for the best IPS monitor under $200. We have summarized the main features and potential flaws of our top 10 picks and have also laid out an in-depth and detailed buying guide as well. 

We hope that this has been an informative journey through and through so that our readers are better equipped to make the best and most informed choice to their specific needs. In the end, we leave the ever-important decision-making up to the reader!