How to Change HDMI Output to Input on a Laptop

How to Change HDMI Output to Input on a LaptopYou probably have not known your HDMI ports fully, do you? Many people use the ports as a matter of its regular usage such as watching movies on widescreens, connecting to peripherals devices or so. But do you know how to change an HDMI output to input on a laptop?

HDMI ports in laptops are designed to send video and audio from your portable laptop to the external source, it can be TV, or another displaying source such as monitor. However, keep in mind that it is not designed to receive the single from the external source.

So it is quite clear why you can’t plug in the HDMI into your laptop or in any gaming console, you need to lean on the HDMI input in the first place. Certainly getting the dedicated port that lets you to do so is crucial.

In this article we will clear the doubts whether you can change the HDMI output to input or not, and if yes then how it can be possible?

What is actually an HDMI port for?

HDMI, High-Definition Multimedia Interface is the cable that enables you to pick the fine detail that comes under multimedia, be it audio or video. The ports supporting HDMI are able to transmit signals that do justice when it comes to receive the uncompromised quality from devices in aforementioned parameters.

Regardless of the evolution in HDMI, the cable is still unchanged and hence it still ensures the positive compatibility to the rather older devices or versions of devices. Contrary to that, many latest versions of HDMI support the high-end innovative features for instance the Ethernet connectivity and 3D.

Changing HDMI Output to Input on a Laptop

Now that you have a clear notion about what an HDMI port is, it should also be quite clear that you can’t really change an HDMI output to input on a laptop.  But if you do want to change the output to the input for a laptop you need to opt for the latest monitor that features the HDMI input design. Besides, many laptops only come with the HDMI output ports.

‘’The thing to keep in mind in the first place is that the HDMI cable isn’t responsible for the sending or receiving the signals whereas the ports on your laptop and laptop manufacturing style itself is responsible to do so’’.

But when you are talking about technology the possibilities and happenings shouldn’t be surprising. Luckily there is a way and some techniques that allow you to change HDMI output to input on a laptop. This can be done with the help of a wireless approach! 

There is a debate on taking the help of adapters for changing HDMI output to input; however, unfortunately it is also not worthy enough. Like said before, if the port is dedicated for output signals you can’t really do much about it to change that.

Know if your Laptop has HDMI Input

It is quite apparent and crucial to know if your laptop supports HDMI input or not. Since it is still quite rare to find a laptop that comes with the HDMI input you have to be keen enough for your portable machine ports. You will commonly come across with the ports that are only output-oriented.

What is HDMI Input?

As the name says, HDMI input is to gain the audio and video signals or file from another device with also an HDMI connectivity is what we call an HDMI input. Note that you also cannot change the HDMI input to output and vice versa.

Changing HDMI Output To Input On Laptop With The Help Of Wireless Connectivity

So you are trying hard to find a way, here is a wireless technique for changing the HDMI output to input on a laptop. It is the best-known middle way if you aren’t having a dedicated laptop with built-in HDMI input port.


This is another program that is reliable for the HDMI input changing on the laptop. It basically changes the computer to any device such as a laptop into the secondary monitor. With the help of the server, and client you can use not only your laptop but also smartphones or a tablet as well.


Mimecast is the dedicated and special audio video and image transmission approach that can be taken as a compensation for the dedicated laptop. Mimecast offers you the supportive approach for multiple devices. Besides, the quick and efficient transforming of TV or duplicating the display without the hassle of cables is all about user’s ease.

Changing HDMI Output to Input On a Laptop With a Capture Card

This is another way to make your HDMI output as input. Although in technical terms you aren’t changing the port, but however the backdrop works, the final result is what you have anticipated.

First of all you need a capture card, such as Elgato HD60 S! No doubt, there are multiple options in crash card availability, but Elgato is one of the reasonable prices and outputs the best for Xbox and PlayStation as well.  However, depending on your choice you can opt for any.

So here is how you do it!

  • Firstly, connect the USB-C cable into the capture card and the other end of the cable insert into the laptop USB3.0 port.
  • Now plug in the HDMI cable into the gaming console and the other side of the cable is inserted into the ‘HDMI-in’ capture card. Obviously!
  • Finally, plug in another HDMI cable into the HDMI-out port of your capture card and it’s another end in the laptop.

That was a simple three-step process. Apparently the process looks like the insertion of cables into devices, but ‘in view of devices’ you are sending advice to send the signals to the display with the help of USB-C port. If you’ve USB 3.0, it would serve you the best since it is the latest standard.