How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Laptop Screen?

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Laptop Screen

Do you hate it when your laptop display flickers or goes blank all of a sudden? This is one of the worst experiences that PC users may face at some point. No matter how luxurious a laptop you buy, its screen is always likely to be fragile. Seeing cracks, a bad display approach or random glitches is a common problem.

Besides, it’s true that if you take care of laptop maintenance still there are chances that the display screen fails to deliver the ideal result every day. Therefore, it becomes more essential to take your workstation to the mechanic or repair center who can tell the real cause.

But wait; do you know how much it costs to fix a laptop screen? Probably not! It would always serve you the best if you know the actual cost for laptop display repair prior to going to the market. Let’s investigate the overall repair cost that.

Cost to fix laptop display screen

If you take your laptop to the professional repair center, it would cost you more or less $300. Also searching and finding the laptop screen online has made life easier. Therefore, this price range may vary depending on various factors such as the fault, laptop model etc. you can also find the laptop screen replacement in $50 to $100.

Luckily, fixing the screen doesn’t take much time and it only takes one or two hours!

 Cost To Fix Laptop Screen Of Different Laptop Brands


The Asus laptop offers more LCD than LED display. Most of the display screen costs fall under 40 to $60. But if your Asus mode is super innovative with a much advanced screen, the cost may hike up to $200.


Acer laptops are everywhere due to its cost screen maintenance. The screen fix cost is generally $50 or $100. For a high-resolution display screen, you may have to spend about $300 or so!


Dell gear and laptops are everyone’s preference. The cost of its display screen fix varies from $45 to $80. Like said above, depending on your screen requirement or model no the cost goes up to $250.


HP laptops are one of the most economical when it comes to its fix or replacement of any part. Especially talking about the screen, it starts from $40. However it may reach up to $200 depending on the laptop model.


Samsung laptops are both luxurious and reasonably priced. If you talk about the standard laptop screen, it will cost you from $60 to $200.


Lenovo laptop brand is certainly the luxurious one. The screen fix or replacement cost varies from $60 to $350.


MacBook is one of the innovative and high-end laptop brands that offer you fully-featured screens. The best part is the diversity in laptop screen fix cost from $60 to $70. Also the screens are available in $320 to $500 which implies its defecated approach for each screen requirement or demand.


Toshiba brand offers you both LED and LCD display screens. The laptop screen fix cost also depends on your laptop model. It is widely available for $60 to $240.

Laptop screen fix, is it a worthy decision?

Fixing the laptop screen is something that you cannot ignore when you are working professionally. As a general rule, laptops devalue 30% each year. That said, your laptop repair cost wouldn’t not be a worthy approach if it rises up to 25% of its real price.

To put it simply, you don’t have to pay for fixing the broken laptop display screen for $125 if you bought the laptop for $500 in the first place. Or else you’re overpaying.