Dell SE2719H Review – An Affordable 1080p IPS Monitor

Inexpensive cost and excellent performance, that’s why Dell is such a renowned brand and first option to go for. The Black 27-inch Slim Frame with stunning picture detail is an exceptional opportunity for people who want to own an affordable monitor for professional and entertainment purposes.

Our Rating: 3.5/5
Dell SE2719H Review
  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Panel Type: IPS
  • Response Time: 5ms
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz


If you’re one of those and want to buy this monitor, consider reading this article to the end for making the right decision. Because you can’t afford to invest your money in some sort of downturn monitor just because you like its appearance.

Let’s discuss the Dell SE2719H Review in further detail.

Whether you should purchase this monitor or not, learn yourself by reading the review to make an informed decision.

Significant Features

Dell SE2719H Review

Here are its Detailed Features, along with the cons. After all, it’s a matter of completing office tasks efficiently and afterward enjoying our minor break. And for this, you surely need an excellent functioning monitor.

IPS Panel

For keeping up with your hectic schedule, Dell SE2719H is providing an IPS Panel. You surely know how much it holds the role in a monitor’s performance, it helps in maintaining fast response time, vibrant colors, better color accuracy, screen consistency, and wider viewing angles.

Especially for professional work. A monitor with IPS Panel is an ideal option. The wider viewing angle permits you to see clearly, putting no pressure on the eyes, great for prolonged use. Watching movies and playing games with Dell SE2719H IPS Panel will be an amazing experience.

Screen And Frame

Some people find 27-inch monitors too small, that’s why they often get confusing thoughts about buying one. 27-inch is not too small, it’s even a suitable size for doing professional work decently. The IPS Panel Display keeps it more efficient by showing wider visibility, and the best thing is it maintains your privacy.

The slim frame is the desired feature. Who wants to experience thick bezels and views while playing favorite games? The Dell SE2719H has 3-side thin bezels, that ensure that you’ll enjoy games and movies at their full potential. Sounds perfect. Right?

178°/178° Angle And Ergonomic Stand

This Dell monitor is offering 178°/178° angle means you’re going to get crisp images and a color-saturated screen at any angle. It gives astonishing flexibility to set up the monitor anywhere without being worried about visibility. Enjoy the movies at the high-quality display, with no compromise on your comfort.

Its Ergonomic Stand makes things easier for you, whether it’s setup or work time. Smart stand doesn’t take more than a brief space in your PC Setup. And its tilting stand enables you to get the best angle in obedience to your comfort.

Screen Resolution

We all love working and playing on wide screens, but what about the inferior display resolution? Low-quality images affect visibility, which results in blurry screens. But Dell SE2719H Monitor aims to serve you with Full HD 1080p, even at such an affordable price.

Get to experience deeper colors, increased color contrasts, and fine details on the screen. For competitive gaming, this 1080p becomes more intensifying that doesn’t allow any aim to miss. The True To Life images makes you fall in love with your favorite movies undoubtedly.

Contrast Ratio

1000:1 Contrast Ratio with IPS Panel doesn’t leave any room for disappointment. The benefits of high contrast ratio are enormous, such as immersive pictures besides having more brightness in the room and enhanced clear visibility. With its amazing contrast ratio, the colors on the screen stand out more and burst the screen with deeper and Vibrant Textures.

Unlike monitors at the same price range, it allows you to experience the difference between shades of black even in darker rooms. You can say it’s an excellent investment for a very long period, which will benefit you every day.

Refresh Rate

Searching for an affordable monitor for gaming? The Dell SE2719H Monitor is a perfect option with its 60Hz Refresh Rate. Often people underestimate 60Hz and rather go for a monitor with 120Hz, it benefits nothing more than taking an extra bunch of money out of your pocket. The refresh rate of 60Hz is more than enough for enthralling gameplay.

Even monitors with 60Hz are not quite affordable as well, but Dell is giving such an exquisite offer for passionate games. During exciting gameplay moments, it’ll change 60 frames per second, enjoy the smooth performance and high-quality resolution with this efficient monitor.

Response Time

A high response rate is essential for speedy multitasking. The Dell SE2719H Monitor is again ahead of the best with 5ms Response Time. Means it can go from black to white to black in only 1/200 of a second, and it’s quite impressive. For professional work, the response rate doesn’t matter that much, but in gaming, it holds great importance.

If you’re a competitive player, 5ms response time is ideal for conquering game challenges. Especially in shooting and racing games, it gives instant power-up and smoother image quality. 60Hz with 5ms Response Time is an exceptional package for living magnificent gaming moments.

Connectivity Options

Dell 27 inch monitor

Professional work can’t be done without transferring files to other devices. That’s why connectivity options have numerous importance. This Dell Monitor is offering unlimited connectivity options for a steady and efficient workflow. The built-in HDMI port will bring comfort in transferring procedure, because of HDMI’s extensive power to hold more data along with the audio.

And VGA Slot help effectively in transferring video signals. These built-in ports and slots intend to make things quick and easy and also serve you with a steady and reliable connection. Quickly transfer important documents and game-related content.

Eye-Care Technology

Whether it’s gaming, work, or movies, sitting in front of a screen for long hours is extremely harmful to the eyes. Although Dell’s 1080p Monitor doesn’t require any excess focus of the eyes because of its enhanced visibility, it still offers certain features to ensure your eye’s wellness.

ComfortView Feature

With its ComfortView Feature, protect your eyes from harmful blue light. It reduces eye strain and you won’t feel tiredness in your eyes by the end of the day. Plus, filtering out blue light helps you to sleep comfortably.

Flicker-Free Screen

If you’re more likely to get headaches from sitting down in front of the screen, you can be worry-free about this problem now. The Dell Monitor is offering a Flicker-Free Screen, it eases eye strain reducing damage to eyes and headaches.


Are you facing a hard time keeping a focus on the monitor screen? Its Anti-Glare Screen solves the problem, specifically in brighter rooms. The thick filter placed on the screen that blocks out intense sunlight and light glare. So you won’t need to put pressure on your eyes to focus on the screen.

Dell Easy Arrange

The most applaudable feature of the Dell SE2719H Monitor is its Easy Arrange Feature. It allows the user to perform multi-tasks flawlessly. For professional people it’s a lifesaver, it can organize their time between various applications, emails, and tabs on one screen.

Switch to the Easy Arrange mode, and windows automatically reposition itself to keep up with the window layout. Split the screen and complete tasks without wasting your valuable time.

30-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Even after experiencing such amazing functionality, if you still feel any concerns then be worry-free. Dell is giving a 30-Days Money Back Policy, which means you’ll get a total refund within days, in case you feel disappointed with the monitor.

It’s also valid against any manufacturing or arrival defects. Dell’s Supportive customer policy will be there to help you with every insignificant problem. Not just returning but in installation, they provide impressive services to ensure you’re getting a beneficial experience.


Screen Size27-inch
Resolution1920×1080 (Full HD)
Panel TypeIPS
Aspect Ratio16:9 (Widescreen)
Refresh Rate60Hz
Response Time4ms (GtG)
PortsHDMI 1.4, VGA
Brightness300 cd/m²
Contrast Ratio1000:1 (static)
Colors16.7 million (6-bit + FRC)
  • Built-in Power Supply
  • 10% Smaller Stand
  • Compact And Sturdy Design
  • In-Plane Switching Technology
  • Doesn’t Include VESA Mount
  • Can’t Rotate In 90 Degrees

Is Dell SE2719H 27-Inch Monitor A Good Choice?

High picture quality with 1080p screen resolution is rare to find at such an affordable price. Enjoy detailed images on the 27-inch Screen with all needed eye care features. Plus, its amazing durability is the perfect solution for multi-functioning.

Whether it’s office work, playing games, or watching movies, this All-In-One Monitor does all jobs exceptionally. And best of the best, to remove your doubts Dell is giving a money-back guarantee. You’ll be refunded within days of contacting customer support.

Final Verdict

What do you think of it so far? Does it sound like your dream monitor? We’re loving this Dell Monitor because of its magnificent functionality and reasonable price. We would love to recommend you this Dell’s Monitor. It deserves to be on top of your list to buy. Added eye-care features are our favorite reason to consider this monitor without having second thoughts. All these just in exchange for a small bunch of money.