Cheapest 240Hz Gaming Monitors In 2021 – Buying Guide & Reviews

Gaming is more than a hobby now, as people adopt it professionally. That’s why gamers are always in a need of better setup and screen, to improve their skills plus to play with more accuracy.

The gamers with finer equipment/monitor come up with improved results, as the monitor has a lot to play in this context. As competitive gaming revolves around speed, 240hz monitors can be the best option to choose, to get the needed speed results.

Finding the cheapest 240hz monitor will not only help you to improve your performance but also, it’ll save you money and will keep things under budget. You’ll find many options for the cheapest 240hz monitor in the market.

Many companies are designing better versions (day by day). The top-rated among them have amazing features, for instance, high resolutions, etc. But if you don’t have enough time to read the whole article, consider this top pick AOC C27G2Z 27″ Gaming Monitor.

Cheapest 240Hz Monitors Review

1. AOC C27G2Z

AOC C27G2Z - cheapest 240hz monitor

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This is amazing, one of the top-rated products among 240Hz monitors. Its curved and frameless structure makes it a catchy item. Plus, it contains only 17.26 pounds’ weight and 27 x 20.5 x 8.5 inches dimensions.

The most enhancing feature of the AOC C27G2Z gaming monitor is its curved screen with 1500R and frameless formation (three-sided curving design). This screen appearance forms an outstanding view for better and professional gaming.

Plus, it is eighty million to one contrast ratio makes the visuals better vivid. Its adjustable stand adds extra feasibility for users, as they can adjust the monitor according to their comfort level. This gaming monitor has a resolution of about 1920 x 1080 (HD).

Another interesting feature is its refresh rate, which is 240Hz plus the 0.5ms response rate. These features are perfect for extra smooth gaming experiences and keep the instant changes flawless and graphics remain clear. The price range also suits the normal pocket range.


  • Three-year internal  warranty
  • One-year outer damage replacement warranty
  • Low-Blue light option
  • Frameless design over three sides
  • Adjustable base stand


  • Not compatible for office use

AOC C27G2Z Gaming Monitor is one of the best products for the professional gaming experience. Most of all, the refresh rate of 240Hz keeps fast gaming flawless. The low-blue light keeps your eyes relaxed even after the long hour of constant usage of the monitor.

2. LG UltraGear 27GN750-B

LG Electronics UltraGear 27GN750-B

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This monitor is ideal for people who love to indulge in the fantasy of the virtual gaming world. The amazing display and perfectly built structure of this product will enable you to beat your enemy effortlessly while giving you the best gaming experience ever.

Now we are going to shed light on its stunning features. Most of the monitors that offer top-notch displays are quite heavy but rest assured because that’s not the case with this one. It weighs only 13.01 pounds along with the dimensions of 24.2 x 22.7 x 10.8 inches.

The thing that it’s not heavy allows you to move it with ease whenever you want to change the location. It has a 27” full HD (1920×1080) IPS display. this monitor provides you with a much faster refresh rate of 240Hz won’t be left behind. It features a response time of 1ms.

For a pro-level gaming experience, it comes with Dynamic Action Sync which helps to elevate your gameplay. If you are into first-person shooting games that this product is just for you as it comes with Center-display crosshairs which increases target accuracy manifolds.


  • Lightning-fast refresh rate for quick action
  • NVIDIA G-SYNC and HDR 10 compatibility
  • Black stabilizer for vision in darkness
  • Center-display crosshairs 


  • Have issues to wake from sleep

To sum this all up, with its 3-Side virtually borderless unique design you can have a clear view even from afar. The Pivot adjustable stand allows you to tilt it according to your desire. This monitor is all you need for a pro-level gaming experience.

3. AOPEN 27HC5R Zbmiipx

AOPEN 27HC5R Zbmiipx

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The reason that this product made our list of Cheapest 240hz monitors is that it has a unique curved design that provides you with a stunning and crystal-clear view. It offers a vibrant image and is very gentle on your eyes with its advanced technology and features.

Despite its curved structure, it is not heavy at all as it is only 14.82 pounds and has 24.1 x 7.7 x 17 inches of dimensions. One of the amazing things is that it has a 27″ Full HD (1920 x 1080) VA Display with Adaptive-Sync Technology for a top gaming experience.

Additionally, a 1500R Curved Display along with an Aspect Ratio of 16:9 gives you the best view no matter where you sit. This product has a much faster refresh rate of 240Hz and an incredibly quick 1ms (TVR) response time so you could catch up with your teammates.

For a more comfortable viewing experience and reduced eye strain, this monitor features a OPEN Eye Protection so you can play for longer hours. Its Flicker-less technology ensures that you can work and play properly without getting disturbed every other minute.


  • Flicker-less technology 
  • comfortable view with 5 to 25 degrees tilt
  • Has rapid refresh rate and response time
  • AOPEN Eye Protection for a long hour use


  • Monitor gets overheated

This monitor comes with many additional features which makes it prominent among its companions. The captivating cinematic curved structure and Adaptive-Sync technology allow you to have a top-notch gaming experience. All this comes at an affordable price.

4. BenQ ZOWIE XL2740


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This budget gaming monitor provides you with many amazing features like custom game modes and black eQualizer for a pro-level gaming experience. It is designed to offer the optimal comfortable view and stunning visuals so you can experience the edge of the gaming world.

It is slightly heavier than others, but it only adds to its long list of incredible properties. It weighs about 19 pounds and has 22 x 8.86 x 24.9 inches of dimensions which enables it to fit in tight spaces. It offers smooth and precise controls for the ultimate Esports experience.

Moving on, this monitor features 27 inches display for a clear crystal view of your enemy’s territory. You don’t need to worry about being left behind in-game as it provides a smooth gaming experience with its lightning-fast refresh rate of 240Hz.

To avoid overexposing bright areas it comes with Black eQualizer so you can spot the hideout of your virtual enemy before they get to you. It allows easy access to switching between saved presets and settings with its S-Switch.


  • Makes tracking easy by allowing to add preferred saturation level
  • Settings are just at the push of the button
  • Comes with a black eQualizer for enhanced visibility
  • Allows to focus on the games with the shield


  • Have dead pixel issues

With this gaming monitor, you can concentrate on your game more as the adjustable and removable shield makes this task easy. It allows you to sit according to your desire with personalized viewing angles. Enjoy the perfect view and fluid gameplay with this.

5. ViewSonic XG2530 

ViewSonic XG2530 

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It’s a perfect combination of innovation and durability. The product offers amazing features that make it prominent among the Cheapest 240hz monitor. It allows versatile connectivity and an ultra-fast response rate so you can get the view more precisely and accurately.

 Let’s first talk about its weight, this product is just 14.94 pounds along with 9.42 x 22.28 x 17.08 inches of dimensions making it ideal for small settings. It provides a clear image of the virtual world without ghosting, blurring, or streaking with an ultra-fast 1ms response time.

Gamers often have problems with dark areas of games but you can rest assured because its Black Stabilization brightens the dark scenes. This product synchronizes the frame rate output between your graphics card and monitors with AMD FreeSync Premium technology.

No matter how quickly the action in games takes place, the swift 240Hz* refresh rate provides you with amazing graphics and stunning visual fluidity. The Game Mode hotkey allows you to adjust the settings and also features a two-Gamer customizable setting.


  • Game Mode hotkey for a blend of technology and colors
  • Versatile connectivity provides the freedom to connect
  • 22-level Black Stabilization to brighten dark scenes
  • The ultra-fast refresh rate for ghost-free image


  • Input recognition issues sometimes

In a nutshell, its versatile connectivity enables you to connect to your desired gaming console. The top-notch material that is used in its manufacturing ensures that it remains with you for a longer period. It’s time for you to take the lead with this product here.


VIOTEK GFT27CXB 27-Inch Gaming Monitor

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This awesome product delivers optimal pixel performance and is equipped with all the tools needed. It does not tolerate dead pixels with its advanced technology and offers smooth and stunning gameplay making it stand among the top Cheapest 240hz monitors.

This gaming monitor weighs about 16.96 pounds, which is not much in comparison to others, and has 24.25 x 9.91 x 18.29 inches of dimensions. It offers a 1080p monitor resolution. It ensures zero dropped frames and a smooth image that keeps you indulge and captivated.

Furthermore, with a 99% sRGB gamut, it provides incredibly accurate colors that are not only bright and rich in-depth but also fully customizable. This has enough space to store up to 3 distinct user profiles giving you the flexibility and freedom to choose accordingly.

The AMD Free-Sync with LFC allows you to play harder and faster effectively and smoothly. You can get the direct hits every time with GAME PLUS crosshairs. For perfect viewing, this fully ergonomic monitor comes with a stand that you can raise, swivel, pivot, and tilt.


  • Fully adjustable stand for comfortable viewing
  • Offers multiple user profiles to choose from
  • The lightning-fast refresh rate for smooth play
  • High-performance ports to ensure versatility


  • A white screen appears occasionally

This monitor takes your gaming to the next level by providing you with a sharp image and crystal-clear view. Its rapid-fire 1ms response time ensures that you keep up with every action that unfolds in the virtual world and makes your Esports experience much more fun.

7. ViewSonic XG2560

ViewSonic XG2560

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This product ensures the stay in the fight longer, by featuring eye care so you don’t need to worry about your strained eyes. It allows you to hit right on the target with its sharp edge image and top-quality display so you won’t be missing any details of the battlefield.

The ViewSonic gaming monitor features a 25-inch display and offers Full HD 1080p resolution for high accuracy. It has an awesome refresh rate of 240Hz and ultrafast 1ms response time making it stand among the Cheapest 240hz monitor with its being light on the pocket.

It features NVIDIA G-SYNC technology that aids you in the virtual battles by enabling smooth frame rates. Be ready for any FPS, RTS, eSports, because it comes with an arsenal of pre-set customizable visual modes. It also features 3 customizable Gamer settings.

The monitor has Black Stabilization which brightens the dark scenes, also heightens visibility. When the on-screen action gets more heated, the NVIDIA Ultra Low Motion Blur technology reduces ghosting and blur so you can enjoy a smooth and sharp image.


  • NVIDIA G-SYNC technology
  • Features Ultra Low Motion Blur to reduce ghosting
  • Enhances visibility with Black stabilization
  • Allows flexible connectivity and comfortable view


  • The base stand is slightly longer

All in all, its fast refresh rate deliverer, amazing graphics, and rapid response rate ensure a smooth and ghosts’ free image. There is no need to think about getting tired as you can adjust it according to your preference for a perfectly comfortable view.

8. BenQ Zowie XL2540K

BenQ Zowie XL2540K

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This product stands among the cheapest 240Hz monitors with few attractive features for gamers. It comes along the screen size of about 24.5 inches’ plus it contains 19.46 pounds’ weight and 7.88 x 20.59 x 22.48 inches dimensions.

The most enhancing power of this monitor is of-course its refreshing rate, which is 240Hz providing smoothness and continuity during a game. Plus, it comes with compatibility for Xbox series X and PS5 because of 120Hz.

The screen style makes it extra compatible for a gamer. The tilt design (free moving tilt) makes your monitor extra convenient, as you can adjust its angle according to your view, game type, and most of all according to your style.

Plus, its base stand (that is redesigned) not only occupies less area, but also allows you to make its adjustment according to your comfort level, which adds up feasibility towards different types of players (gamers), and provides them more area free.


  • 24.5 inches’ screen size
  • Occupies less area because of its small base stand
  • Have an option of sharing the XL setting, quickly
  • Black eQualizer feature, to make a perfect view of dark images


  • Comes with a (little) narrow-angle viewings

BenQ Zowie XL2540K Gaming Monitor is a well-rated product that allows you to get the perfect adjustment of your monitor according to your need, by using its tilt-designed structure. Plus, its small-sized base stand makes it a catchy item for gamers.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Cheapest 240hz Monitor

As we have discussed a few top-rated cheapest 240Hz monitors above in the article. Let’s move towards the specific qualities that should be looked for while buying this quality monitor for yourself.

Because selecting one product among so much competition is not an easy task, and sometimes let you confused. The points below will surely help in the selection of a good quality product that suits you the best.

Resolution power 

This is the most important thing to note while selecting a 240Hz monitor. Because the resolution power or display resolution is one of those necessary features that a gamer needs in high-quality range, to get the best results.

To get better image results, sharp views, immersive results, etc. more pixels or high pixel quality is needed. More pixels come from higher resolution power. Which enables a gamer to play more efficiently and provides them a clearer image.

From a few years back, 1080p (FHD) resolution was considered a standard for gaming purposes. One of the basic reasons for it is that under 1080p resolution power, games are better performed and professional results are formed when it comes to 240Hz monitors.

Response rate / time

Another important point to check out while buying a 240Hz monitor is response rate/time. Because other than refresh rate, a good response time is needed to get faster and better pixel response, to get the quick clear view.

A high response rate/time like 1ms makes the fast motion clearer than the low response time (like less than 1ms). Because it enables the quick motion scenes less blurred and fast action games to become easier to play with clarity.

But, most of the 240Hz monitors come with almost the same response time, or with a slight difference in them. So, prefer the slightly better one to get a better result. Although 240Hz monitor’s response time in most cases is suitable for gamers.

Size of the screen/display

This is one of the most important things a gamer should note while selecting a monitor for games. Most of the gaming monitors come with a display screen ranging from 24 to 27 inches, this is the standard size available in the market, few are larger than this range only.

Our listed product’s screen size also ranges from 24 to 27 inches. The three inches difference doesn’t make too much difference, and the size around these inches can be a suitable and under-budget thing.

This size range appears, quite comfortable and feasible, and enables you to look from a close distance. Plus, it can get fit easily while occupying less area. The extra larger size requires a larger area, which sometimes becomes problematic for regular gamers.

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

This is a comparatively new addition (feature) to the latest gaming monitors and tv screens. Plus, it’s quite interesting as it makes your viewing images near to reality and gives you a feeling of connectivity because of less artificiality.

HDR keeps the images on the screen at a realistic level (up to a certain extent) by making the dark areas clear (darker) and bright areas brighter. Plus, the colors of the scenes appear similar to the real colors.

So HDR works for both contrast and brightness levels. But this feature is not so common among monitors, it is getting popular but still needs sometimes to perfectly work overall monitor types.

Ergonomic base stand plus tilt designed screen

These are required to add extra comfort in your playtime, plus for professional gamers, it’s highly needed. You cannot play for long hours without getting a comfortable angle and images.

Every gamer has his certain comfort zone; an ergonomic base stand enables you to adjust the height of your monitor according to your choice, plus through tilt design, you can adjust the angle of the monitor, and both give you a comfortable view.


  • Is it worth getting a 240Hz monitor?

Yes, getting a 240Hz monitor is worth spending, but only if you completely understand the difference. For a normal person, it’s quite difficult to make a difference among 240Hz and 144Hz monitors, as they can’t understand the complete features.

For professional people/gamers, a 240Hz monitor can be a far better option to choose for a better performance level. They can help you in performing much better than the regular ones, plus they make your viewing images quick and clear.

  • Is the 240Hz monitor overkill?

If you are professional, or regular over outputting the 240 frames (per second), then the 240Hz can be the best option and cannot be considered an over-killer or doesn’t overkill. But if you are not that active then a 240Hz monitor can be considered overkill in your case.

  • Which is the best 240Hz monitor?

In our listed products, AOC C27G2Z Gaming Monitor is the best among 240Hz monitors with normal rates and high quality, advanced level features. Its curved and frameless structure makes it a catchy item.

The most enhancing feature of the AOC C27G2Z gaming monitor is its curved screen with 1500R and frameless formation (three-sided curving design). This screen appearance forms an outstanding view for better and professional gaming.

  • Do you need a 240Hz monitor for 240 fps?

To feel or to use 240 fps, there is always a requirement to get the monitor over 240Hz. Because 240 fps doesn’t work over 144Hz, because on it the fps only reaches up to 144 fps. So, it needs a heavier product to work properly.


The article above contains a complete description of the top-rated and latest products among the cheapest 240Hz monitors. Their high rated, distinguished features are well explained along with their comfort level.

Plus, we have given the top pick and column, at the start of the article, to give you a quick overview of the listed product and to help those who don’t have much time for full-length reading.

You can rely on the information, as it is gathered after research and collecting the views of users. And the products in the list come out with quite a feasibility for the professional gamers.

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