Best IPS Gaming Monitor In 2022

Best IPS Gaming Monitor

Gaming means to stare at the screen more and with keen sight. That does demand the best IPS gaming monitor as well. And if you are fighting with the bad viewing angle or poor coloration of your older display screen, this article will help you out for finding the best monitor with many other features within!

With the advance level of technology, IPS (stands for in-plane switching) penal are getting more and more popular especially for gaming.  

Basically the IPS is a type of LED display that offers you multiple benefits including vivid coloration, best viewing angles, contrast ratio and above all the response timing to the unbeatable extent. As a core gaming enthusiast, that matters the most.

But, finding the prime monitor is not as easy as saying.

For searching the quality that you want, you have to spend hours, no matter if you are at a store or searching online. It’s true!

However, below we are saving your time by snapping up the top quality that is on the charts of 2021! Let’s probe into the list without creating a castle in the air.

In-depth Review – Best IPS Gaming Monitors

1. Sceptre IPS (E275B-FPT168)

Sceptre IPS (E275B-FPT168)


At the first choice, this monitor by Sceptre is offering you some of the really amazing and jaw-dropping features within. Certainly this is an IPS screen that features the quality without a doubt.

But what makes this monitor another level appealing are its latest build styles and the aesthetically ace design. Additionally, its 165Hz refresh rate keeps your work highly engaging. Moreover, it also comes with the blue light shit feature that reduces the strain during continuous screen staring.

This is a wide angle 27’’ inches of screen that offers you the most astonishing 2ms of response time.  You can practically keep off ghosting and other annoying visual artifacts without much hassle. Furthermore, the AMD FreeSync features have the surety of smooth seamless gaming in all respects. All in all this LCD gives you every reason to opt for it that you have been looking for a while.

In addition to that you also have its multiple digital port design for which attaching peripherals devices becomes an easy job. You can rely on the responsiveness of each port. Another wonderful addition in the LCD screen is its audio approach.  

With the built-in speakers you get to have its loud enough sound quality that doesn’t feel shrill or high-pitched at all. The sound with the smooth delivery makes sure the greatest gaming joy every time you are set to it.

Its FHD display with the edgeless design and the 1080P of resolution becomes the ultimate factor that elevates its overall show. Lastly, the wall mounted design proves to be user-friendly for adaptive use.


  • 1080p resolution
  • 27’’ inches display
  • Multiple digital ports
  • Total 3 HDMI ports
  • 165 Hz of refresh rate
  • 2m response time
  • AMD FreeSync with blue light shift
  • Comes with inbuilt speakers
  • Wall mounting approach
  • Edgeless narrow bezel
  • Eye-friendly with blue light shift feature
  • Durable for quality
  • Features vivid and colors
  • Screen is jerry-built
  • Random dead pixel may occur

2. ViewSonic ELITE XG270QG

ViewSonic ELITE XG270QG


ViewSonic is not a new name in the monitors and LCDs category. This next display screen with IPS technology features something extra. First of all let’s know about its external appearance and design.

Additionally, the 1ms of grey-to-gray display size you have the widest and better viewing angles. Its Nano-IPS technology with 98% DCI-P3 color coverage and 10-bit color depth and the 1440p resolution cater the greatest output for gaming as well as regular tasks. Response time and the 165Hz of refresh rate work for gamers especially. Hence if you want to play competitive games on this monitor makes the most difference. You will definitely extol its presence on your desk.

The coloration and vibrant hues makes this monitor highly favorable. Many users have claimed the smooth and realistic colors output by this ViewSonic screen.

This is a robust display screen that features the latest features in every factor be it screen or the backdrop feature. For instance, the NVIDIA G-SYNC incorporation makes it the best choice for gaming.  The frameless design adds to its style and the ergonomic adjustable stand offers you to set its height or angle more precisely.

Moreover, this monitor shows the positive compatibility with the laptops, PCs, Macs, PlayStation, and Xbox with HDMI, USB, and DisplayPort inputs with much pleasure. You can totally rely on its feature range and built approach. It’s a gaming monitor after all!


  • 27 inches of screen
  • Nvidia G-sync technology
  • Features Nano-IPS
  • 1ms GtG response time
  • sRGB for 98% DCI-P3 color gamut coverage
  • 165 Hz response time
  • Features 100% accuracy in image projection
  • Its 10-BIT color depth make image realistic
  • Durable brush metal surface
  • Compatible with Mac, Laptop, Xbox and more
  • Perfect design and three-sided thin broader
  • Volume is low
  • Backlit bleeding

3. BenQ MOBIUZ EX2510



If you have been using the BenQ monitors you will find it amazing and if you are a first time buyer of this brand you will notice the difference in BenQ MOBIUZ EX2510 from the rest. Its recommended design and quality control features make this machine just right for gamers and eSports fans.

Its solid and powerful design with the 24.5’’ inches of display also offers you the 144Hz of refresh rate. In addition to that the 1ms of response time keeps it a recommended design for gamers. Moreover, the HD display screen with the 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution and FreeSync Premium are its stand out features that will directly contribute to gaming.

For furthermore features, this monitor also offers you the amazing BenQ HDRi technology! Also you are offered the Light Tuner and Black eQualizer that play a central role in making the image and its visual quality far better. If you have not been using the eQualizer feature before, this monitor will be your ultimate favourite.

Sound for gaming is as important as the visuals. This display screen offers you two 2.5W built-in speakers along with the DSP chip and fine tune by treVolo with three custom sound modes. Therefore you receive the suave sound quality all the time!

This monitor has also been designed with the ergonomics in mind. Its 5-Way Navigator, Scenario Mapping and Gaming Quick OSD feature certainly demand for praise. With the height and tilt adjustment, you also get to have eye-care while playing games.


  • 1ms MPRT and 144Hz refresh rate
  • 24.5 inches of displays
  • Black eQualizer
  • Features treVolo sound
  • Scenario Mapping
  • Total 2 HDMI ports
  • Vivid colors
  • Ergonomic stand for height adjustment
  • B.I.+ sensor detects screen content and environmental lighting
  • Gaming dedicated design
  • Compatible with PS5 and Xbox Series
  • The entire screens appears to have a gray haze over it, sometimes yellowish
  • Light is cheap for smoothness

4. Alienware 360Hz Gaming Monitor

Alienware 360Hz Gaming Monitor


In the list of robust screens, this Alienware Gaming Monitor has triumphantly made its place at number 4 on this article. We all know about the dedicated build and the exceptional quality by Alien ware, there is no doubt about it.

This time, you have it for gaming especially with the 24.5’’ inches of screen area followed by the most vivid and crisp quality in colors.  With that the FHD screen with 1080p and the wise best pixel-per-inch ratio implies its dedication towards the accuracy and preciseness for high-end game output.

Moreover, the adaptive sync feature makes it even more appealing for your gaming experience.  Its quick response and the clearest image quality make sure you have opted for the right gear.

Additionally, its 360 Hz refresh rate with the most anticipated 1ms of GtG response time welcome any competitive games makes sure you have it for the right purpose. Also it keeps off blur and hence the result becomes highly swift. Its fastest response time with split-second reaction has created the hype for victory game playing.

The IPS technology with the 99% sRGB color coverage is offering you the greatest value for keeping the best visual and angle at the eye-sight.

Additionally, the adjustable stand with swivel and tilt design welcomes the user to be at ease. You can set the customized angle every time you intend to. Overall this monitor holds quality and utmost latest features that will help you out for seeing better quality image, coloration and precise accuracy.


  • 24.5’’ inches of display
  • 1ms GtG response time
  • Fast IPS technology
  • 2. HDMI 2.0 Port
  • 360 Hz refresh rate
  • AMD FreeSync
  • USB 3.2 Gen1 (5Gbps) Downstream Port (rear) (x2)
  • 10. Audio Line-Out Jack
  • Wide screen with comfortable stand
  • Features multiple ports and slots
  • Clear and bright image at every angle
  • Offers you smooth, tear-free output
  • Light bleeds at corners
  • Cannot use ultra-low motion blur

5. ASUS TUF Gaming VG279Q1A

ASUS TUF Gaming VG279Q1A

Next up the monitor for review is this ASUS TUF Gaming VG279Q1A. It features exceptional quality and the efficient image output that you can count on for gaming be it competitive or regular ones.

Its 27’’ inches of display with the full HD output looks pretty much exquisite. Also the ultra-fast refresh rate with 165Hz has been engineered with much concern. You have the privilege to use this monitor for intense gaming sessions.

Furthermore, the 1920 x 1080 resolution with IPS technology helps you out for seeing the best angles and bright colors.

As you know ASUS is a top name that features the most amazing feature in each factor. That said, its Extreme Low Motion Blur (ELMB) technology with 1ms of response timing makes it the ultimate gaming approach.  

This monitor is excellent in providing the tear-free screen. Besides, the FreeSync Premium technology has been added to it. With shadow boost, you experience the lifted image output while playing games. For instance it tackles the sudden dark area and the bright images to be sync instantly.

For ports and HDMI connectivity, this monitor is offering you the DisplayPort (v1.2), HDMI (v1.4.) x2 ports that welcome smooth connectivity in every way.

Furthermore, its slim and narrow design comes with the low blue light and flicker free technology that plays a vital role for keeping sight at a comfortable angle. Also there are four settings available in a low blue light filter for which you can select your current desirable one without any problem.


  • 27’ inches of flat display
  • 1ms response time
  • 165 Hz refresh rate
  • Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS
  • DisplayPort (v1.2), HDMI (v1.4.) x2 ports
  • Supports both Adaptive-Sync with NVIDIA GeForce
  • Compatible with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10 series and newer graphics cards
  • Reliable built and affordable
  • Slim and sleek exterior design
  • High-end response timings
  • Flicker free and low blue light technology
  • Randomly dies
  • Constant black outs!

Things to Consider When Buying the Best IPS Gaming Monitor

Nobody can purchase the best, especially the tech gear, thing without having some prior knowledge regarding it. And if your target is to buy the best IPS gaming monitor, there are still more factors that come as important for example:

  1. Technology

When you are keeping an eye on the IPS panel, also make sure it is friendly to the sight. For instance the gaming monitor should feature the low blue light and anti-flicker screen. Also that will help you to keep off the eyesight strain. If your sight is sensitive this is a must-have feature as a gamer.

  1. Refresh Rate

For gaming, refresh rate matters the most. And for competitive fast-paced game play it is important to pay heed to what refresh rate your display is offering, usually 120Hz is good for gaming, but 160 or beyond is something that is no less than a treat.

  1. Screen Size

Screen size is also important for gamers. And if you want to play next-level with multiple monitor setups you should be keen on the size. Usually 27’’inches or above is considered a good choice. However, there is no limit, go beyond it if you want to.

  1. Ergonomics

With everything, if your selected monitor fails to offer you a comfortable adjustment to the customized angle, it becomes highly difficult to keep up with game playing. Make sure the stand is adjustable at every angle, pivot setting and height adjustment. Moreover choose the narrow bezel and more screen to edge ratio.

  1. Compatibility

Compatibility with other devices such as Mac, Xbox, and laptop is another crucial factor that many buyers forget to pay heed to. If you want to incorporate your display monitor with some other gear, never miss out to check its compatibility and support for that specific gear, its important. Or else you will need to replace the monitor with the compatible one.


What is an IPS monitor for gaming?

In-plane switching display monitors are the greatest addition in the gaming world. it makes the graphics and display angle highly adaptive and more natural.

In addition, the color gamut and the brightness of images, and wide visuals is more like a realistic approach. Its vigilant output has been its noticeable features for gaming especially.

What is the best type of display for gaming, IPS, VA or TN?

Each type of display technology caters the dedicated result for the intended use.  However, for gaming IPS always surpasses. If you want to make the gaming 100% high-end the IPS panel with its clarity, viewing angles and the best coloration setting keep things favorable.

 Although TN is good, affordable and faster too, when comparing it with IPS you need to think twice.

Should I go for a FreeSync or G-Sync monitor?

Both choices depend on your monitor and gaming requirement, however, if you want to be on an affordable side, FreeSync is the best choice to opt for. However, with the latest monitor availability now you can get a G-Sync compatible FreeSync monitor which means things are changing.

Final Verdict

Playing games and trying out its experience is something that is ever-going. And to support that, today’s featured monitor with IPS, flicker technology and much more offer you the best buying. If you are picking from our sifted list make sure you have gone through the buying guide to keep your purchase best of the best.