Best Gaming Monitor Under $400 In 2022

best gaming monitor under 400

Being a gamer isn’t tougher than finding the best gaming monitor under $400. Certainly display has a major part to play in gaming. Therefore, we are especially tackling the budget-friendly displays that will not let you notice the glitches, artifacts and screen tearing issues at all.

It would be quite vexing if you spend so much fortune on building a high-end powerful gaming rig, buy games, but the display is not able to deliver the best coloration in the first place.

Therefore, gaming enthusiasts like to opt for the display monitor that is perfect in all senses and delivers fluid-like motion in every frame.

With the HD coloration and the lucid detail, snow you get the smart features like eye-care technology, comfortable viewing angles and much more that is especially designed to maximize the gaming.

Moreover the best possible GPU and CPU output achievable, you get the adaptive AMD FreeSync features as well that are known to top the performing parameters.

In-Depth Review – Best Gaming Monitors Under $400

1. ASUS TUF VG328H1B – Best 1080p Curved Monitor



First up this monitor on the list is by Asus which means the innovation and remarkable performance is not going anywhere. You have its largest and most competitive display in the form of curved style that looks sophisticated at first glance. The 31.5’’ inches display followed by the 1080p further makes the clarity ensured.

In addition to that you also have the 165Hz of refresh rate that matters the most in fast-paced gaming and competitive playing demands the smooth result. In declaring your victory or defeat the refresh rate certainly plays the major role.

Moreover, the Extreme Low Motion Blur (ELMB) technology becomes the great option that lets you experience the 1ms of response time! With the adaptive-sync the response time combines to give the fine results. Screen tearing and annoying visuals artifact becomes instantly minimized thanks to its recent technology incorporation.

The best thing about this monitor is that it is positively compatible with both Adaptive-Sync with NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards and FreeSync with AMD. For hardcore and intensive gamers it becomes of the highlighted features to notice. With the Shadow Boost Technology you get the best display in proportion without highlighting the brightness too much.

ASUS TUF Gaming is one of the robust gears for gaming and the best thing is that it’s under $400!

  • Extreme Low Motion Blur (ELMB ) technology
  • Supports both Adaptive-Sync with NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards and FreeSync with AMD Radeon graphics
  • cards
  • Seamlessly boost the shadowy area
  • Game plus technology uplift gaming performance
  • Dedicated eye care technology
  • Not a HDR monitor
  • The stand is wobbling

2. C305W-2560UN

Sceptre C305W-2560UN


Next up we have this monitor by Sceptre that is also a reliable option for gaming. The display justifies the visual quality and lets out the stunning and detailing output that picks details. The wide and broader 30’’ inches of display come with the 2560 x 1080P resolution which is already a high-end specification.

Moreover, you have the stylish appearance that makes things more valuable.  The refresh rate is 95Hz and the overall performance is quite reasonable in terms of graphics and colors. The ultra-wide display allows you to play larger than life games and takes your gaming session to the high level. You have the unmatchable 21:9 wide curved screen. It also welcomes your eye to travel without breakage.

The wonderful display comes with high-tech designs such as built-in speakers. Not only for gaming but for Skype calling and audio interaction the audio quality is up to the mark.

Sceptre gaming monitors also offer you the 1ms moving picture response time (MPRT) without letting you face the ghosting and motion blur.  Gamers have the eye fatigue problem as a rule of thumb. But this monitor is offering you the Blue light shift that wisely keeps eye irritation and fatigue.

There are still many other features to know about that demand a practical experience. If you don’t want to spend more than $500, try out this monitor for your next gaming sessions!

  • Features larger and wider screen
  • Multi-port design for better output
  • Smart blue light shift
  • Its display tilts 10° backward and 3° forward
  • VESA mounting may be lose
  • The plastic isn’t durable enough

3. LG 27GL83A-B – Best 27 Inch Gaming Monitor

LG 27GL83A-B


This is another premium gaming monitor for those who are searching for under-budget gear. It comes with the 27 inches larger and wide display screen that is the best-fit option to play latest games.  Moreover the QHD (2560 X 1440) IPS display keeps the viewing angle certainly comfortable.

No matter what angle you are sitting, this display always serves you the right. With the IPS technology, this monitor has been designed with the 1ms response time and the anticipated 144Hz refresh rate. For the delay-free gaming and fluid-like motion this specification makes its value more intense.

Additionally, you have its 3-Side virtually borderless design that delivers you the stunning and the ideal visuals in 27’’ inches display. To keep your agronomic approach present, this monitor has been designed with the NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible design which makes the flawless gaming more practical without looking for third-party assistance.

In the more advanced level feature this display comes with the HDR10 support that brings in realistic, powerful and enhanced visuals no matter  if you are playing games or dealing with editing work. Also its tilt, height, and pivot adjustable setting never become a hindrance to set your desired angle physically. This gaming display comes as a package deal that never feels superficial.

  • Perfect visual in fast-paces scene with 1ms GTG
  • 3-Side virtually borderless design
  • Immediate action on the screen
  • Powerful and durable built
  • The screen flickers too much when heats up
  • It gets heat up

4. Acer Nitro XZ342CK Pbmiiphx

Acer Nitro XZ342CK Pbmiiphx


Acer is a well-known name for making robust quality gaming monitors. For having an impressive and dedicated gaming display, Acer Nitro XZ342CK Pbmi Phx series offer promising features.

This monitor is best for its speedy and swift monitoring performance. Also the G-sync compatible design enhances your game playing. Checking the display panel technology is an essential parameter for a gaming display monitor. Its 34-inch ultra-wide display screen comes with the WQHD and VA display qualities.

Moreover, you have its AMD Radeon FreeSync Technology which is an absolute feature for gamers to keep off a number of unwanted visual glitches.  It’s a curved style display that looks premium and casts a decent impression when you place it on your desk. The VESA certified build further keeps things positive and favorable.

This gaming dedicated monitor has been engineered with multiple gaming and non-gaming modes.  Each mode hands over the colors that are perfect as per the frame demand. That makes overall experience highly preferable, plus you can customize the apps to run automatically on your desired mode. The zero frame design is another noticeable factor which means you get 2 speakers.

Each works on 3 watts and that is a quite reasonable standard. Its 144Hz refresh rate is more appealing to experience the buttery smooth gaming session and more accuracy in playing high-end games. For ports you have its 1 x Displayport and 2 x HDMI 2.0 which mean you have the privilege to attach external devices without thinking twice.

  • Zero frame design fee up the space
  • Multiple gaming mods for desired selection
  • Smooth motions movement and fast refresh rate
  • Visual Response Boost technology with 1ms
  • G-SYNC Compatible
  • The display isn’t much bright
  • Colors may seem washed out

5. Sceptre C305B-200UN1

Sceptre C305B-200UN1


Monitors that are curved are already quite impressive in style, and this one comes with the 30 inches of larger display screen. Moreover, this gaming monitor will deliver the finest quality resolution with 2560 x 1080p Full HD resolution.

Apart from the resolution and display size, this monitor is also an ace in delivering the swift speed in motion without lagging. Playing sports and racing games is a pleasure. Its 5ms GTG response time keeps your requirement nicely met.

This Sceptre monitor’s Display-port offers you the 200Hz refresh rate whereas the HDMI port delivers the 180 Hz refresh rate that is beyond expectation if you want the real-time gaming experience. It also keeps off the motion blur and poor image mobility in playing fast-paced gaming.

AMD Freesync is a definitive feature ensures the smooth and seamless gameplay sessions and you receive the tear-free and best frame in every single picture.

To make the gaming session even more robust, Scepter monitor has been manufactured with the dedicated and special FPS (First Person Shooter) RTS, (Real-Time Strategy) settings. If you are a gamer that wants everything best and high-end these settings would surely deliver you the robust results.

For eye care technology you have its blur light shift mode that instantly cuts off the fatigue and strain that you usually have when prolonged screen time. Its wide and powerful stand further keeps the LCD monitor well standing and the weight is evenly distributed over the place.

To compete with the latest standards and requirements, this display monitor has been designed with the Picture in Picture for multitasking without leaning onto another display.

  • Comes with blue light shift technology
  • Innovative ad dedicated gaming features
  • Special FPS and RTS settings
  • Anti-flicker display
  • Picture In Picture for multitasking
  • When FreeSync is enabled, the display will stretch a
  • Few angle may feel odd

6. HP 24mh FHD Monitor

hp 24mh fhd monitor


Buying an exclusively gaming dedicated monitor doesn’t mean you can’t watch eSports or movies on your rig. This display is an all-rounder due to its outstanding qualities. With the Full HD display and the amazing In-Plane switching technology you also get its fuller attention for color accuracy. This 23.8’’ inch of HP monitor gives you the vivid and sharpness ensured in each frame and enhanced quality colors. Its maximum resolution is 1920 x 1080 and offers you the refresh rate of 75Hz.

Its ultra-slim design further makes the appearance of your chosen gear highly valuable and increases usability. Certainly if you have the display monitor that is quite slim, things get better, plus it’s an affordable monitor. This is an ultra-wide monitor that you can set at any desired angle. The height is adjustable without any complexity.

Its ultra-wide 178° horizontal and vertical viewing takes the gaming to a higher level and guarantees you user-friendly design for sure. It comes with the micro edge with no bezel.

If you are looking up to the awe-inspiring display this monitor is the right choice you should opt for. The robust connectivity with the DisplayPort, and VGA ports you get it complemented plus the built-in speakers with 2 watt never fails to deliver you the best results. Its 3.5mm audio jack delivers the reliable result for studio-grade sound.

  • Low Blue Light mode
  • 3-sided micro edge display
  • IPS screen with wide viewing angles
  • Height-adjustable ultra-slim
  • Quality powerful stand
  • The screen may glitch randomly
  • Not good with text reading and spreadsheet typing

7. AOC C27G2Z



Lastly, this monitor is here to make its value known for gamers. Usually you anticipate a high-priced gear for a high-end performance. However things instantly change when you have this AOC gaming monitor under the $500 range of $500.

It’s a 27’’ inches display monitor with the full HD display quality. Its 1920 x 1080p result never feels you out of fashion. For latest games it’s more like a benchmark to follow. Its VA penal has been engineered with curved style which also looks pretty stunning, aesthetically.

This AOC Gaming monitor comes with the most jaw-dropping 0.5ms response time (MPRT) and 240Hz refresh rate. If you want to keep your gaming competitive and unbeatable with performance this specification never lets you down in front of your rival.

Additionally the AMD FreeSync enhances the fast response rate. With AMD FreeSync for extremely fast responses that react with flawless graphics for an ultra-smooth competitive gameplay.

Also the low blue mode never lets you feel the fatigue and strain that can damage the eyesight if persistent. Overall, this monitor casts an immense visual impact due to the 3-sided frameless design and also you can adjust the height.

The frameless design features 80 Million to 1 contrast ratio to deliver you the salient visual quality. Finding the comfort and more ergonomic angle has become quite a particle besides, its stand is durable.  

  • Low input lag
  • Uses advance technology with extra-wide viewing angles
  • Comes with Flicker-Free and AOC LowBlue Mode
  • 3 years warranty for zero-bright-dot
  • Swift performance with rapid response timings
  • Firmware bugs in OSD
  • Lacks Color Accuracy control

Final Verdict

With the recommended choices, real-time approach and trusted performance you have these gaming mentors as trusted gears. We have compiled the list by keeping the professional’s advice in mind. Most of these on displays offer you vivid and bright colors, fast performance and durability.