Best 4K Monitor Under $500 In 2022

Best 4K Monitor Under $500

There are so many inspiring display screens that also demand a whopping amount to deliver the seamless results. But luckily there are best 4K monitors under $500 that provide you the same qualities and smoothness in the fluid-like graphics that you would anticipate form and high-priced gear.

With the high-resolution, ultra –clarity, HD visuals, ergonomic viewing angles and bright coloration you also get the reliable HDMI support. Even if you are having a specific budget range, we are exclusively rounding up the impressive displays within 500 categories.

In fact in a budget like 500, you have broader brands to opt for such as Asus, Samsung and BenQ! The trustworthy name certainly grabs your attention for heaving realistic colors and amazing performance in refresh rate and response time.

No matter if you are a gamer, average Joe, or a regular professional with the detailed task to handle, the presence of a 4K display always serves you  pretty much reliable performance in almost every work.

In-Depth Review – Best 4K Monitors Under $500

1. BenQ EW2780U – 27 inch 4K Monitor

BenQ EW2780U

This display monitor has been ranked first on this list due to its inspiring and amazing style. This monitor is a durable and stranded option featuring the 27 inches screen and ultra-HD output. With the resolution 3840 x 2160p makes sure you pick the most ignored detail instantly. For playing games this monitor never lets you down.

Its 16: 9 aspect ratio makes the remarkable output achievable and for working in a graphical-oriented task becomes highly professional. With the 60 Hz of rate you have the privilege to run gaming and medial with fluid like motion.

Talking about its visuals approach, BenQ EW2780U comes with 99% sRGB wide color gamut and the much anticipated IPS technology. If you are one of those users who like to work on a customized writing position, the ergonomic and wider viewing angles keeps your choice valuable.

Certainly for having the proper viewing bliss, the speaker and sound quality matter as well. Its integrated speakers always let out the audio you can lean on. For a better quality performance you have its 5-way navigator, and a volume wheel. For the ports its USB-C, HDMI, and DP (DisplayPort) ports keep the external drives providing you the swift speed as well. This monitor comes with the friendliest feature for eye-care hence if you are a pro writer; the display is all in all a worthy option.

  • Features IPS and flicker-free screen
  • Integrated speaker for blended audio
  • Colors is quite vivid and bright
  • Smart sensors for adjustable light
  • Durable stand enhances longevity
  • Speakers features less bass
  • Vignette-style darkening around the corners

2. Dell S2721QS

Dell S2721QS

Without naming Dell the list wouldn’t be completed. This monitor is affordable and comes with amazing features as well. Its curved style looks dapper on the desk and values your choice.

Dell S2721QS is a 27’’ inches display with 4K UHD approach. Certainly the display becomes supreme when you have its finest and more appealing when you have the 3840 x 2160p resolution. Also the Full HD support is best in many ways, be it for illustration, photo editing, video editing or just to watch your favourite show on it.

On the design and physical parameters, you have it’s decent curved style with the textured pattern design on the rear side.  The modish look casts a decent impression no matter if you have it for office or home use.

Additionally the dedicated and latest, AMD FreeSync technology indicates its optimal usability for gaming and more core graphical work. Without any visuals artifact you receive the most blended approach in playing various high-end games.

For displays and monitors, you need to keep the ergonomic standard alive for a comfortable angle. This monitor by Dell comes with a height adjustable stand that delivers performance by being durable enough.

In a fair budget like $500, this monitor comes with quite an innovation within. Its features like IPS screen, 99% sRGB becomes more efficient when you have its pivot, tilt, and swivel along with the height adjustment. In addition to that you the dual HDMI ports help a great deal for attaching gaming consoles and more.

There are so many other features that you would like to explore.

  • No screen tearing
  • IPS technology in display
  • Picture-by-Picture (PBP) for multiple types of content
  • 3-sided narrow bezel
  • Adjustable settings of height
  • The screen flickers randomly
  • The speakers let out loud high pitched coil whine noise

3. ASUS VP28UQG – Best 4k Gaming Monitor


For a more stunning choice, this Asus monitor is here to offer something more robust. Under the category of 4K monitors ASUS VP28UQG is one of the favourite gear for many reasons.

Its wide and large screen with the 28’’ inches screen comes with the 4K/UHD (3840 x 2160). But that is something you are already anticipating, right?

What is more interesting is its 1ms response time and the adaptive Sync/AMD FreeSync technology that brings in the ultra-clarity and crisp display without giving you any reason to look elsewhere.

There are many filters of low blue light filters that make sure you have a customized approach in setting your preference. Additionally, Asus offers you the best eye care technology with the low blue light and the flicker free screen. Certainly for working for hours and increased screen time, this makes a lot of difference. If you are a writer this monitor would surely excel in winning your appreciation.

This monitor has been especially dedicated for the motion blue approach and playing high-end competitive and fast-paced games is a lightning fast experience. Moreover, the 60Hz refresh rate proves to be a highly interesting factor.

Due to its dedicated built; you have the best gaming pleasure with this LCD monitor. The GamePlus and GameVisual settings improve the coloration and give you better control. Within a range of 500, this monitor comes as a pretty smart option you should consider.

  • Detailed imaging and perfection in every frame
  • Flicker free, TUV Low Blue Light
  • Comes with robust support
  • Eliminates screen tearing
  • Not good for movie watching
  • Lacks durability



Samsung is the most inspiring name when you want more viewing screen and great quality style. Its FHD display comes with the 4K result for sure. With 32 inches of larger screen this LCD becomes the first choice for gamers and professionals for obvious reasons.

Additionally, the crystal-clear displays you to have razor sharpness in reading texts, writing and the best approach in many detailed tasks. The brightness and darkness has been kept quite useful.

For the exactness of colors, you have its HDR10 approach. Moreover, the true to life colors you can certainly lean on its illustration. Samsung offers you the TUV certified design and the eye care save mode makes sure you get reasonable screen time. Also its flicker free technology keeps your most precise task as a priority. The aspect ratio of this monitor is 16:9!

Overall, this monitor comes with the 3-sided breadless and slim built to add to the viewing angles and keep the display free from confines. Also the Picture-by-picture and picture-in-picture feature comes with the most amazing performance for professional users. You have the fuller privilege to connect different devices at the native resolution side by side which means a lot when you have more work to focus at the same time.

The automatic source switch feature instantly detects the device connected to it and hence you get the display right away without any further ado.

  • Features eye saver mode
  • Borderless mode for better visual
  • Accurate contrasts and bright colors with HRD10
  • Features high-end user-friendly build
  • Comes with Picture-by-picture and picture-in-picture features
  • Plastic is cheap
  • The stand isn’t adjustable

Final Verdict

In this article we have made sure to put quality and fully-featured displays first. The amazing clarity, sharp and premium design and durable monitors are best for multiple work tasks.

Today’s list is dedicated for professionals, gamers, CAD designers, photo or video editors and regular PC users. So you have a wider range to make a purchase from.

Keep your working area in mind if you opt for a curved style 4K monitor!