UltraWide vs. Dual Monitors – Which Should You Choose?

Benefits Of Dual Monitors

Two widescreen traditional 4k monitors would get you a higher pixel density, perfect for the functions like single-screen gaming and photo editing. At the same time, ultrawide monitors would stretch an HD resolution wide across the 34-inch display.  Maximizing desktop is such a thing these days; not just this enhances the space you require, but …

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4K vs. 1080p – Is UHD Worth The Upgrade?

4k vs 1080p

With the increasing popularity of 4K TVs, 1080p TVs are in tough competition. However, compared to 1080p TVs, 4K TVs may have higher resolution and more vibrant colors, but they are also more expensive and have a smaller selection of available media. Therefore, planning for a new TV might be daunting for you. So, you …

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