What Is DisplayPort 2.1?

What Is DisplayPort 2.1

DisplayPort is a mainly used interface for videos for graphic cards and monitors nowadays. It is used to associate a video source to a display device; it carries audio, USB, and almost all forms of data, including display devices like monitors, PCs, or LEDs. DisplayPort 2.1 is an advanced interface version that allows up to …

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Best 1080p 144hz Monitors In 2023

Best 1080p 144hz monitor

If you want the best gaming experience possible, then it is important to have a good gaming monitor as well. A good gaming monitor should be the one to ideally fulfill the requirements of a gamer and display the best graphics possible. When it comes to buying a gaming monitor, there are literally a lot …

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Best Ultrawide Monitors for Productivity – Review & Buying Guide

Best Ultrawide Monitor for Productivity

Are you in search of the best ultrawide monitor for productivity? If yes then you have come to the right place. The reason why people prefer ultrawide monitors for productivity is that they provide an excellent display quality and they are way more convenient as compared to normal monitors. A single ultrawide monitor can sometimes …

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What Is 4K Resolution? And Is It Worth It?

What Is 4K Resolution?

You might have come across the “4K” term while looking for a TV, o most probably, for your gaming PC. However, even though 4K seems to have taken over our displays and video devices, you might be confused about what it means and, more importantly, why it is preferred. In today’s rapidly developing society, the …

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1440p or 144Hz – Which Is Best For You?

1440p Or 144Hz

Whether you are upgrading your PC for gaming or wondering about getting a new screened device, you must consider its screen resolution. With technology changing so quickly, it can take time to figure out what will work best for you. For instance, while determining the best screen resolutions, you might come across various resolutions, mainly …

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TV vs. Monitor – Which One Should I Pick?

TV vs Monitor

TVs or Monitors? Beyond a doubt, TVs and monitors have their benefits but choosing which one depends on your preference and needs. For example, some want faster responses and higher refresh rates, while others want a big screen. Monitors are mostly preferred over TVs because they tend to have lower input lag with quick answers …

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Best Color Grading Monitors for DaVinci Resolve in 2023

Best monitor for color grading

Certainly, photographers and videographers who have to edit or enhance the photos, lean on the best monitors for color grading. To build up the tone or mode of the picture aesthetically, the screen becomes your ultimate tool. Therefore, the recommended displays have been included in this list; look at the ten top monitor choices that …

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